Latest Updates on John Cena's Recovery from Injury for Sept. 16

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 16, 2013

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

John Cena is making progress in his journey back to the WWE ring, a journey followed by multitudes of eyes and accompanied by Internet rumblings.

A man with as much drawing power as Cena is sure to be the subject of rumors, reports and speculation when he's unable to compete. Picking apart the available information about his recovery from elbow surgery reveals his fans are going to need to be patient.

The timetable fans had heard before for when to expect John Cena and Sheamus back in action was the Royal Rumble, per F4WOnline (via A recent report suggested that Cena may be back sooner than that.

According to Wrestling Observer, via, WWE is reportedly planning to bring him back in a non-wrestling role.

While John Cena won’t be able to wrestle until around Royal Rumble time, there is already talk of bringing him back to WWE TV in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Cena wants to start making appearances for the company to help with their big Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

It certainly makes sense were WWE to go this route. Cena is the biggest name on its roster, and he could promote any number of causes and events with a bum elbow.

The only issue with the possibility of John Cena returning to promote breast cancer awareness is that Cena himself is denying the reports.

Perhaps the reported talks didn't lead anywhere and both Cena and WWE made other plans.

Unless the former WWE champ is attempting to mislead us and make a surprise return in the coming weeks, it looks like the Cenation is going to have to wait until 2014 to see their leader in action—wrestling, talking or otherwise.

There is no debate on whether or not Cena is working hard to get back to the ring.

His Twitter feed has been a constant source of insight into his drive and, most recently, his ability to bend and extend his elbow.

It wasn't that long ago that Cena was unable to move his arm. Now here he is, doing bench presses with a small amount of weight on the bars.

His range of motion in the elbow looks great here. This lifting session is far from tossing around men like Ryback and Wade Barrett around, though.  

The next step will be to regain his full strength.

As he does, one dropkicking, goat-faced Superstar believes the company will benefit from Cena's absence.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet of CBS-19 in Cleveland, Daniel Bryan put a positive spin on John Cena being out of action.

I think right now it's a great thing because it gives other guys an opportunity to step up and fill that spot that Cena's been in for years. When Cena's on the roster, it's X amount of time every show is devoted to John Cena. Now it's being given to other guys who have the opportunity to shine, and that's better for when John Cena comes back because now we have John Cena, we have me, we have other guys who are stepping up and becoming stars.

WWE may not think that its cash cow being injured is "a great thing" at the moment, but Bryan is absolutely right. He has worked to fill the Cena-sized void in the main event and has thrived thus far.

Assuming Cena doesn't pull an Adrian Peterson and return ahead of schedule, other borderline main event Superstars could benefit from his absence as well. Thanks to Randy Orton and Triple H's established star power, WWE can afford to experiment.

Before Cena comes charging back to be a champion again, this is a time to see who else belongs alongside him on the highest rungs of the WWE ladder.