Hey Tom Brady, We Want Our Soul Back

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Hey Tom Brady, We Want Our Soul Back

Those lucky New Englanders are certainly enjoying a golden era for their sports franchises right now.

The Patriots look re-loaded to make another Super Bowl run for 2009, the Red Sox are always in the hunt for the World Series, and the Celtics won the NBA Title just last year.

Not long ago, the Bay Area had the same winning aura as the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders won Super Bowls in the 1980 and 1981 season.

Then we had the Giants and A's playing each other in the 1989 Earthquake World Series, and consistent playoff runs by Chris Mullin and the Golden State Warriors.

As of today, it looks like the Bay Area sports scene resides in the lowest depths of Dante's Inferno.

How in the world did the New Englanders get such good vibes?

Well, Tom Brady brought it with him, straight from the Bay Area.

Brady grew up in the Bay Area and attended Serra High School in San Mateo, the same school that produced Barry Bonds and Lynn Swann.

Stories date back to Brady as a child being in the Candlestick Park stands on that fateful day when Joe Montana threw a pass to Dwight Clark that would forever be known as "The Catch."

In an era of Madden curses and superstitious coaches, maybe it's time to think even more out of the box as our Bay Area sports teams continue to get punched in the mouth year after year.

The day Brady took over for Drew Bledsoe, the Patriots have never looked back winning three out of four Super Bowls in an era where parity and the salary cap destroy dynasties, not create them.

Doesn't this sound all too familiar?

I remember a fellow named Joe Montana taking over for Steve DeBerg and never looking back.

The 1981 49ers and the 2001 Patriots tell a similar story of teams that came out of nowhere to become champions.

History sometimes has a tendency to repeat itself and all that good karma we had for two decades grew up, packed up, went to Michigan, got drafted in the sixth round, and is now ready to lead one of the most loaded offenses in the NFL after being injured for the season on opening day.

Brady's roots have forever linked the Patriots dynasty with our own.

Their rise to power was eerily similar and having a Bay Area son lead the charge makes the agony worse.

With all that fortune in New England, the once spoiled Bay Area fans are left scratching their heads.

This past decade has not been kind for the 49ers, Raiders, Giants, Athletics and Warriors.

There were a few playoff appearances, but we haven't seen a good team in this area since the San Francisco Giants 2002 National League Pennant, the Oakland Raiders' Super Bowl run in 2002, and the "We Believe" Golden State Warriors of 2007 that got knocked out in the second round by the Utah Jazz.

For almost two decades, all the Bay Area saw was New England type of success because back then, it was re-tool and re-load.

Now, the mighty have fallen so far. It's just time to face that fact that this is an era of Bay Area sports that is frustrating and heartbreaking.

Hey Tom, can you send some of that New England fortune back over to us in the Bay Area?

We owned it first, SO GIVE IT BACK!

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