Celebrities Who Should Always Be Interviewed About Sports

Jessica MarieCorrespondent IISeptember 17, 2013

Celebrities Who Should Always Be Interviewed About Sports

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    Every once in a very long while, something amazing happens when a celebrity enters the booth for an in-game interview. Once in a blue moon, magic happens.

    It is rare, but it is spectacular.

    Many celebrities have no business being interviewed about a sport in the middle of a game. Most of the time, it's as though they've never watched a sport in their entire lives. When they can't answer the simple question posed to them by the network's analysts (such as, Who are you pulling for?), it's embarrassing.

    But it's also hilarious for the viewers. It's almost as enjoyable as when those celebrities say something completely inappropriate on the air, or when they, shockingly, do know what they're talking about.

    It's still way funnier when they don't, though.

Bill Hader

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    When you have the opportunity to engage in an interview about anything with the man behind Stefon, why would you—or how could you—ever resist?

    Former SNL cast member Bill Hader is a native of Tulsa, Okla., and is therefore, by default, an Oklahoma City Thunder fan. But he's no bandwagoner. Above, you can see him outline the reasons why he proved to be a deserving member of the Thunder fanbase long before the team proved itself to be one of the most promising contenders in the West.

    You can also check out his July appearance on "The B.S. Report" for some of the most hilarious sports commentary you'll ever experience.

    And seriously. This guy created Stefon. How is he not a fixture on ESPN every single time the Thunder play?

Christian Slater

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    As we have mentioned, it can be alternately humiliating and amazing when celebrities appear in the booth during a national sports telecast and clearly demonstrate that they know nothing about said sport.

    Enter Christian Slater.

    In 2006, the actor appeared during a Monday Night Football matchup between the host Seahawks and the Raiders, despite, as Deadspin points out, having no discernible Seattle connection. Then, Slater proceeded to admit, live on the air, that he isn't a football fan.

    High-five, ESPN.


Josh Hutcherson

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    There are several reasons why Josh Hutcherson's surprising turn as Celebrity All-Star Game superstar is a tremendous feat.

    One of them is that he's so darn personable that you can't help but like him (even if you're Team Gale). The other is that if you've ever watched him administer an interview in the company of his Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence, you know that this dude was not blessed with the gift of height.

    The fact that anyone, at 5'6", can not only lead his team in points but can also finish the night as the only member of his squad capable of hitting a three-pointer is something to be celebrated.

    Plus, you can tell from his halftime comments that he's a good interview.


Russell Crowe

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    Anyone who experienced Russell Crowe's horrendous performance in the 2012 remake of Les Miserables knows that he can come off as a little bit…stiff.

    As such, the reason why Monday Night Football chose to feature the New Zealand-born actor on one of its 2007 telecasts remains a mystery to all. Allegedly, he's a big football fan, but you wouldn't know it listening to this interview.

    No, literally, you wouldn't know it because you can't understand anything he's saying. Trying to decipher his mumbling is a pointless endeavor and doubtlessly made for great TV as Kornheiser & Co. tried to mastermind follow-up questions to his ramblings. 


50 Cent

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    Was this inappropriate? Absolutely. Do we all have pity on Erin Andrews for being the recipient of such unwanted attention? Of course.

    But it still was one of the funniest moments of the 2013 sports year.

    The Fox Sports reporter was covering the Daytona 500 in February, and because 50 Cent was there, too, she interviewed him. He didn't say anything mind-blowing or even relevant, but he did appear to try to kiss Ms. Andrews at the end of the segment.

    You can imagine the awkwardness. If you can't, press play.

    Andrews tried to explain the strange advance a month after the fact, but it sounds like excuses, excuses.


Seth Meyers

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    Most celebrities have very little to say about sports that is either entertaining or funny.

    Not Seth Myers.

    The current SNL cast member and soon-to-be late-night host is a diehard sports fan, particularly where the Red Sox, Celtics and Steelers are concerned, and anyone who follows him on Twitter knows that he is always quick to post a humorous take on anything and everything sports related.

    See here, following Michigan's slim win over Akron:

    Would that have counted as Hangover 4? #Michigan

    — Seth Meyers (@sethmeyers) September 14, 2013

    And here, following the Steelers' opening week debacle:

    Wait, it's the REGULAR season!?! - Todd Haley

    — Seth Meyers (@sethmeyers) September 8, 2013

Tim McGraw

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    Lots of country stars, for some reason, like to flaunt their sports fandom, especially where the NFL is concerned. Very few of them have, at any point, impressed us with their knowledge.

    But then there's Tim McGraw. He knows his stuff. In fact, his football knowledge is so convincing that he was the obvious choice to play Sean Tuohy in The Blind Side.

    Not only is there sports greatness in McGraw's blood—his dad was former MLB relief pitcher Tug McGraw—but he was also a minority owner of the AFL's Nashville Kats. Football comes naturally to him. It's only a matter of time before he becomes the next Jerry Jones.

    Here he is talking about his "consuming passion" for football.


Jimmy Kimmel

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    When you've done enough damage to get banned for life from Monday Night Football telecasts, you deserve an award.

    Here's to you, Jimmy Kimmel.

    The late-night talk show host last appeared on a MNF broadcast in 2007, during a Giants-Falcons matchup, and chose to spend his interview casting about his own theories about Joe Theismann's firing.

    Unfortunately, he chose to hold Theismann's replacements accountable, and unfortunately, they were in the booth with him.

    Technically, the interview didn't go well. According to everyone outside of the ABC family who watched it, though, it was a rousing success.


Jon Hamm

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    Everyone loves Jon Hamm. The ladies love him. The fellas love him. He basically is Hollywood's version of Tom Brady.

    After his performance at this year's ESPYs, he might have a second calling once Don Draper's days are done.

    Hamm was the perfect candidate to succeed Seth Myers as the ESPYs emcee: He's a huge St. Louis sports fan, he describes himself as a "marginally successful high school athlete"—and he even likes hockey, too! What a guy.

    Plus, he's not afraid to turn an entire venue of Dwight Howard's peers against him. Even if Maria Sharapova doesn't think he's funny, everyone else does.


Carrie Underwood

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    Carrie Underwood is probably the coolest girl in the world. She's married to a hockey player, she has frequently said that her ideal day is hanging out and watching sports and there is no dude in the world who doesn't find her attractive.

    Note to Brent and Kirk: Get her up in the booth during a Sooners game already.

    The American Idol Season 4 champion and Oklahoma native is a huge football fan, and she actually knows her stuff, which makes her the perfect person to replace Faith Hill as the Sunday Night Football theme crooner.

    Here she is talking about her love for sports and what a "guy's girl" she is.

Barbra Streisand

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    Nowadays, sideline reporters don't interview the significant others of the guys who are on the court/field/diamond.

    They have Barbra Streisand to thank.

    Back in 1992, when Andre Agassi was playing in the U.S. Open, USA made the misinformed decision to interview Babs about her rumored boo. Instead of playing coy, Babs went full-on Erika Christensen in Swimfan.

    The results were spectacular. Sadly, the same could not be said of her alleged "relationship" with the tennis god.


Dean Norris

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    It is a little-known fact that Hank Schrader, aka the Baddest Man on the Planet, is actually a huge Notre Dame football fan.

    In the interest of avoiding any spoilers for those of you who live under a rock and still haven't caught up on Breaking Bad, I'll concentrate on the relevant facts here: Though Norris is actually a graduate of Harvard, his alma mater didn't really provide anything interesting for an avid college football fan, so Norris has always remained a loyal fan of the Fighting Irish.

    A native of South Bend, Ind., he grew up wanting to play football for his hometown team. Instead, he had to settle for Harvard and a future as one of the most legendary characters in the history of television. Rough life.

    Here he is talking about the embarrassment that is Manti Te'o, as well as his unwavering love for the Irish.

Nicole Richie

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    Once upon a time, Nicole Richie was still a drunken associate of Paris Hilton's who had a reality show and a reputation for being really, really dumb.

    Now, of course, her life is much different.

    During darker days, Richie attended a Lakers home game, and Fox made the mistake of interviewing her on live television during a timeout.

    In response to the seemingly innocuous question, "Do you have a favorite Laker?", Richie's response was so honest that the reporter had no choice but to mutter, "Oh my GOD," and immediately toss it right back to the booth.



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    In the history of the world, there has probably never been an interview with such amazingly awkward results.

    In light of Eminem's appearance in the booth during a Michigan-Notre Dame game in September, there were questions abound. Was he high? Was he terrified? Was there absolutely no prior notice that he'd be appearing in the booth? Why did he have that deer-in-the-headlights look on his face the whole time? Is that just the way he looks?

    It's obvious from Kirk Herbstreit's giggling that the interview was just as awkward for him and Brent Musburger as it was for all of us to watch, but it really hits a crescendo when they ask him about his hometown Detroit Lions' chances the next day.