The Red and Gold Empire: A San Francisco 49er Poem

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The Red and Gold Empire: A San Francisco 49er Poem
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Once upon a time...

The Empire of Red and Gold once existed in these parts, an empire to be remembered for all time. This Empire emerged from the ashes of a kingdom that only knew defeat.

On that fateful day in 1982, the kingdom by the Bay exclaimed "Montana to Clark, Montana to Clark" as the Blue and Silver Boys from Texas watched "The Catch" in disbelief.       

Something special was born that day and the kingdom would live in prosperity as the Empire claimed victory after victory until they stood and reigned supreme on the summit five times.

The members of the Empire were many and all were treated like family as the king Eddie D. showered his men with respect.

Eddie D's right hand man and second in command called Walsh drew up battle plans that would eventually be studied by all of the kingdoms.

Montana was the field general who commanded the troops into battle with a calm and cool that made him legendary throughout all kingdoms.

A man named Collinsworth believed Montana was not even human as the Empire vanquished their foes from the kingdom of Cincinnati.

Craig, Watters, and Hearst battled through the trenches and laid their bodies on the line without abandon as Clark, Solomon, Rice, Taylor and Owens streaked down the battlefields leaving destruction in their wake.

In the trenches, Jones, Sapolu, Cross, Paris, Barton, Wallace, McIntyre, and many other behemoths paved the way for the troops.

Lott was the enforcer left in charge of defending the Empire as Romanowski, Turner, Haley, Reynolds, Dean, Carter, Wright, Hicks, BY, Stubblefield, McDonald, Sanders, Hanks, Norton, Woodall, and many more defenders laid waste to those that dared to challenge the Empire.

Montana and Walsh would eventually leave, but a new field general named Young emerged as Walsh's former pupil Seifert would take over the battle plans.

The Empire continued to reign as faces changed and a new generation came to power.

Then a Nation of Raiders returned in 1995 to challenge the Empire in the kingdom by the Bay, but the Empire continued to thrive and win battle after battle.

Another pupil of Walsh, Mariucci, took the battle plans over from Seifert and success still continued for the Empire.

Then on another fateful day in 1998, the king Eddie D. was gone and the Empire was left in confusion.

A year later, Young laid lifeless on the battlefield and a kid named Garcia who grew up in the kingdom watching the Empire grow in stature became the new field general, only to live in the shadows of Montana and Young.

After two tumultuous years in 1999 and 2000, the legendary Rice was banished from the Empire and re-emerged with the Nation of Raiders.

The Empire would reload with young men and enjoyed more success, but the reign of the Empire would last until 2002.

Mariucci was also banished and many more decided to flee the crumbling Empire. Owens, Hearst, Garcia, and many more are no longer here.

The Empire now lay in ruins with only memories left for those old enough that still live in the kingdom by the Bay.

A new empire of Patriots from the East has emerged led by Brady, a former citizen of the kingdom by the Bay.

Brady had loved the Empire as a child and now has created one of his own.

The San Francisco 49ers were once the Red and Gold Empire that brought much joy to our Bay Area kingdom.

The citizens of the kingdom wait once again for the Empire to be reborn.....but the memories remain to torment us in a future that holds so many questions.

However, these same memories are our source of hope that brighter days will shine upon our shattered Empire.

We can only wish for our new savior to emerge and rebuild the Empire that we loved so much.

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