Knowshon Moreno Lays Devastating Block Against the New York Giants

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterSeptember 16, 2013

Image via (Courtesy NFL on CBS)
Image via (Courtesy NFL on CBS)

Hot, crispy mother of God! Did you see that block by Knowshon Moreno on Sunday?

Terrell Thomas didn’t, and that’s why the New York Giants cornerback likely awoke Monday with a large, running back-shaped dent in his soul.

The hit occurred during the first quarter of Sunday’s “Manning Bowl” matchup between the New York Giants and the Denver Broncos. Thomas was attempting to chase down Broncos tight end Julius Thomas when the Denver running back ruined his day and/or week with a gut-shifting block.

The heavy collision was noticed by Sam Gardner of Fox Sports, and a lovely .GIF of the big hit was crafted by Timothy Burke of Deadspin.

They did the mash! 

Indeed, Moreno went full beast mode and monster mashed Thomas out of the picture. Moreno came shoulder-down and exploded into the cornerback, who ended up on the turf counting his ribs.

Fortunately for Giants fans, the hit only knocked the wind out of Thomas, who had been having a fine game in the Giants secondary.

It was Moreno, however, who would go on to have the most surprisingly effective performance of the day, bouncing back from a dismal Week 1 performance in impressive fashion.

Averaging 4.3 yards a touch, Moreno ended the game with 93 yards and two touchdowns. If you’re one of the fantasy owners who shed the Denver back after last week, you're probably feeling some dropper’s remorse at the moment.

Granted, they don’t give out points for big blocks in fantasy football, but if they did, Moreno would’ve ended with 30-plus points in my league.


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