Washington Redskins Win In Court To Keep Name

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IMay 17, 2009

LANDOVER, MD - DECEMBER 21:  A general view of the Washington Redskins cheer squad as the fly flags during the game of the Philadelphia Eagles on December 21, 2008 at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

In court, the Washington Redskins have won a legal case stemming from the name "Redskins" which has been said to offend some Native Americans. Too them, it is deemed as a racially offensive.

According to my source the "Redskins win new legal fight with Indian Group."

The Redskins won in both the court of appeals and the lower court ruling that determined on a technicality that the seven Native Americans waited too long to challenge the name Redskins.

So, on a technicality the Redskins were able to keep their name the way it is as well as it should be. It is true that it shouldn't have taken 17 years for the cases too proceed through the court system.

I get the fact that in today's world people want the American culture to be politically correct, and there are things that will offend certain people, but may not offend others.

For example, Barack Obama speaking at Notre Dame for the graduating class at the University of Notre Dame has offended many Catholics.

A few people were offended he was asked to speak at Notre Dame based on his views of abortion. Yet, even though there was a minority who didn't want him there as well as protestors, Obama still gave his speech.

There is another article on Bleacher Report as well titled "Washington Redskins win Legal Battle to be Racist." It was written by Jarrett Carter.

While I respect his opinion, I disagree with the fact that the court is stating that the Washington Redskins won the right to be racist. In fact I have the exact opposite view.

There's other teams out there that could be also considered offensive too people although some of the names may not be racist, but they can be controversial too some as well.

Plenty of teams have names that could be considered offensive too some like the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Golden State Warriors, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, etc....

I believe that the Redskins should be able to keep their name and it has nothing to do with how much money is spent on the team, whether it's for apparel, billboards, etc.

The reason why the Redskins should be able to keep their name is because the National Football League and the Washington Redskins players can assist with educating their fans and others about Native Americans.

Also, the Redskins organization could donate time, money, and services too assist Native Americans as retribution.

Instead of looking at the team name in a negative light the organization can help too create a more positive light on the situation and the name Redskins, instead of a negative one.

Lastly, if you were ask people name some famous Redskins, you are more likely to get an answer about "the hogs", Joe Gibbs as coach, Doug Williams, etc....So, the meaning of name isn't held to what it once was.

The "N" word doesn't hold what it used to; it still is considered a racist term if a Caucasian person used the word. I don't mean to stereotype, but there's plenty of African Americans using the word too address each other these days.

Words can change meanings, some in negative ways and others in a positive way. Maybe the term "Redskin" can be the one that is seen more in a positive light then negative light.

Either way, whether you agree that the Redskins should keep their name or not, it's time for people to come together and understand others cultures and that there's much bigger things in life then fighting over a football's team name and if it should be changed.