NBA Stars Who Deserve a Biopic Movie

Ehran Khan@@ekhansworldContributor IIISeptember 16, 2013

NBA Stars Who Deserve a Biopic Movie

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    Now that Breaking Bad is winding down, are you looking for something to fill the void?

    Don't worry, LeBron James has you covered.

    The two-time reigning MVP is all set to produce a sitcom on Starz, loosely based on his own life, titled Survivor's Remorse.

    The news got us at Bleacher Report thinking, "Which other NBA players should get the full biopic treatment?" 

    A great many guys come into the league with inspirational stories of difficult upbringings and incredible life-altering experiences. There's no shortage of material from which a talented storyteller can craft a compelling film.

    So here's the short list of players whose tales we'd like to see told on camera.

Dirk Nowitzki

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    It may seem like an unconventional choice, but Dirk Nowitzki would make a fascinating subject for a biopic.

    Just seeing things from the perspective of an international talent who morphed into a superstar in the States would be worth it. Not just his own path to the NBA, but the worldwide search for "the next Nowtizki" that his success spawned (after all, without Dirk there would be no Nikoloz Tskitishvili).

    We can see how Nowitzki's career progressed as probably the most underrated star player of his generation. How he dealt with all the playoff shortcomings and the derisive comments from fans and media about how soft he was.

    Then finally, his crowning achievement, knocking off James and the Miami Heat to win a championship and validate his career as an all-time great. Every year that goes by with James winning another MVP and the Heat winning another title only makes the feat more remarkable.

    We also get a look at the ups and downs of Nowtizki's personal life, including his engagement to a woman who was arrested in his own home, to add intrigue off the court.

Paul Pierce

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    Paul Pierce is another player who would make an interesting figure on film, particularly through the lens of his relationship with the city of Boston.

    He grew up in Inglewood, CA rooting for the Los Angeles Lakers against the Boston Celtics throughout the 1980s. He then got drafted by the very team he ardently rooted against in 1998 and was viewed as Boston's savior, its first transcendent talent in nearly a decade.

    After just two years in the league came a horrific incident at a local nightclub, where Pierce was stabbed several times.

    He recovered and became a perennial All-Star in the Pierce-Antoine Walker era, which was marred by immaturity, constant trade rumors and a rift with the Celtics faithful.

    Then along came Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to form the "Big Three," and Pierce redeemed himself with a Finals MVP performance against his hometown Lakers.

    Finally, after establishing himself as one of the greatest Celtics of all time, Pierce was dealt in cold blood to Brooklyn after 15 years of service. 

    There's a narrative arc if I ever saw one.

Jeremy Lin

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    There's no way we can exist in a world without a lasting tribute to commemorate Linsanity.

    The Jeremy Lin story is one of the best sports stories of the last decade.

    An Asian-American, who graduated from Harvard, trying to make it in the NBA. Bouncing around the league and getting cut repeatedly. Then breaking out on the biggest stage in the world, in a way that no one could ever have imagined.

    No NBA fan will ever forget that stupendous stretch in February of 2012, when Lin dominated headlines both in and out of the sports world.

Thomas Robinson

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    Not many people out there have gone through the traumatic experience Thomas Robinson went through at the tender age of 19.

    During his sophomore year at Kansas, Robinson's grandmother passed away. Three weeks later his grandfather passed away. Mere days later Robinson's mother tragically died of a heart attack.

    Losing three close relations in one month, including your own mother, is an unthinkable shock. But Robinson had to persevere for the sake of his eight-year-old little sister, whom he loved dearly.

    Robinson had to plan for his sister's future as well as his own, which only made him more determined to succeed at basketball in order to provide for them both.

    He realized his goal by having a stellar junior season and becoming a top-five pick in the 2012 draft.

    Robinson's story is as inspirational as they come—and it's still not over yet.

Jason Collins

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    Jason Collins' story is truly the one for our times. 

    He became the first male NBA player to come out as gay this past April. To millions of basketball fans around the globe, he's now the face of the LGBT community.

    Collins' courage deserves to be documented. It would capture the mixture of constant fear and anguish he must have gone through as a gay man in the most masculine and macho of environments.

    To be forced to hide your true self in order to retain your place in the league is a heavy burden to bear.

    His announcement was a huge step forward in the ongoing struggle for equality in the LGBT community, and a biopic would only help to raise awareness for the cause.