WWE Night of Champions 2013 Results: Best Match and Other Memorable Moments

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 16, 2013

image from WWE instagram
image from WWE instagram

If I'm being totally honest, WWE Night of Champions wasn't a particularly strong pay-per-view. The matchups that had real potential weren't all that exciting, and the main event seemed to end rather abruptly.

Overall, I'd grade the entire event a C-, but even this disappointing show had some bright spots. Here's a look at the Match of the Night and a few other memorable moments.


Curtis Axel and Kofi Kingston Put on a Nice Show

The technical acumen of Axel and the brilliant athleticism from Kingston were a very good combination. As in-ring action goes, their battle for Axel's intercontinental title was the best match of the night.

There was a good deal of suspense as I actually believed that Kingston was going to prevail. It was fairly obvious that Heyman wasn't "believing" in Axel any more. We all knew CM Punk would get the best of Axel in the handicap match to set up a confrontation with Heyman.

It seemed that Axel may have a bad night all around. Instead, he shined and kept pace with Kingston in a seesaw battle that was executed nicely by both men. If the other matches on the card had been this good, the event would have sent me away a little more satisfied.


Other Memorable Moments


The Newest Paul Heyman Guy

Is it too late for Ryback to be taken seriously by the fans? We'll soon find out. If Heyman can't revive his career, then no one can. Ryback fits as the perfect Heyman henchman. He's big and not very charismatic with the microphone. Heyman could be the mouthpiece Ryback needs to establish a successful persona.

When he came to the ring to attack Punk and save Heyman, it immediately set up the possibilities for a Ryback-Brock Lesnar feud in the future. Lesnar could ultimately look at Ryback as the guy who is replacing him as Heyman's No. 1 guy.

That feud could help put Ryback over or give him legitimate heat.


Naomi's Outfit

The moment Naomi showed up with the strappy, side-open ring attire, she was the winner of the Divas Fatal Four-Way match in my eyes. Technically, AJ Lee retained the title with her excellent submission hold on Natalya, but Naomi's outfit stole the show.


Daniel Bryan Finally Gets to Keep the Title

Was I the only one waiting for something else to happen after Bryan pinned Randy Orton and won the title? The referee's count was Usain Bolt-like and it seemed to set up controversy. Perhaps that aspect of the storyline is coming on Monday Night Raw.

The match itself could have been better, but it was still cool to see Bryan actually keep the title—for now.


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