WWE Night of Champions 2013: Storylines We Can't Wait to See Continue

Tim KeeneyContributor ISeptember 16, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Although Night of Champions was somewhat underwhelming, the WWE is still in a very good place. 

The company has been red-hot over the past several months, stringing together several scintillating PPVs in a row, so Sunday's mediocre one is certainly excusable—especially because it opened up some storylines that have once again piqued interest. 

Let's take a look. 


Ryback, New Paul Heyman Guy?

Even with a limited skill set, Ryback can entertain inside the ring.

His combination of athleticism and power is truly a sight to behold, and when put in the right situation, we've seen him be a part of very good matches before. 

However, the problem has always been the same: His lack of charisma on the mic has made it difficult for people to care about his character. It happened during his feuds with John Cena earlier in the year, and it has been happening lately, as he has seemingly lacked direction. 

But pairing him with Paul Heyman, the best in the business on the microphone, is like fitting two puzzle pieces together. Legend Jim Ross put it simply:

Even to Ryback's biggest critics, it's hard not to be at least a little intrigued by this development.

Heyman has another monster on his side, Ryback finally has a capable mouth in his corner and best of all, Mr. Feed Me More is about to enter a feud with CM Punk, who is capable of putting together A+ matches with anyone. 


Was That a Clean Win for Daniel Bryan?

Flash back about 24 hours, and it would have been very difficult to find someone who thought Daniel Bryan was going to walk away from Night of Champions on top of the WWE world. 

He is undoubtedly the most on-fire face in the company right now, and having him continue to chase Randy Orton and the corporation was a juicy storyline. Moreover, with Orton cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase last month, it's a little odd to have him hold the title for such a short period. 

So, is this simply a "no-swerve" swerve? Did the company just put the belt on Bryan much earlier than most were anticipating?

Or is there a fallout coming? Bryan appeared to win via a quick count on Sunday, and it wouldn't be surprising if Triple-H deemed the victory dirty and found a way to strip the fan favorite of the championship. 

Either way, anticipation for Rawsimply to see where this feud is headed—will be very high.