Could CM Punk Cash in on Orton and Not Edge Tonight?

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Could CM Punk Cash in on Orton and Not Edge Tonight?

Tonight's Judgement Day PPV could have something WWE fans rarely see: Continuity. Think back to Unforgiven in September 2008. CM Punk was going into a championship scramble, defending his World Heavyweight Championship, which he took off from Edge on Monday Night RAW in June. But he became unable to compete, thanks to Legacy, led by an "injured" Randy Orton. Punk lost the championship without ever defending it that night to Chris Jericho.

Did we ever see Punk get revenge on Orton since then? I think not. Think of the titles of the PPVs: "Unforgiven":exactly the way Punk should feel about Orton. Tonight's PPV: "Judgement Day": could it be Orton's?

Everyone is expecting Punk to cash in on Edge, since that's how the storyline is going, and since Punk has done it once before, seemingly having Edge's number. But what if he were to do the unexpected in his hometown? How unbelievable would it be to see Punk, after Orton is laid out but still manages to retain the title, come out to the ring and cash in on him? To get his revenge by taking back a title from Orton of all people, thus putting both titles on Smackdown, fully giving Punk a main event status...

Continuity is something the WWE is not always known for, but in the world of sports entertainment, you can never guess what's going to happen...

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