Judgment Day 2009 Final Card and Predictions

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Judgment Day 2009 Final Card and Predictions

Judgment Day is here, and it's tonight! I have been a little out of the loop and have only seen Friday's Smackdown show but have been keeping up on storylines and developments.  Here are my predictions for tonight's show.

No Way Out 2009: 2/5: .400
All-Time: 11/18: 0.611

Shelton Benjamin vs John Morrison

In what I think will be the opening match, Shelton Benjamin will pin John Morrison.  WWE clearly has some plans in mind for John Morrison, but this will stretch out for a bit longer because John Morrison needs that momentum to be built up to successfully be put over in his first angle as a face. 

I was surprised to see the match announced but pretty happy because it's the first step in pushing John Morrison.  I mean, it's a non-title pay-per-view singles match, and I can't remember if he has had one of those yet--especially not as a face.  Shelton will win,this feud will continue, and possibly include someone else.

My pick: Shelton Benjamin, the Gold Standard...who...has no gold...

CM Punk vs Umaga

I really don't have an interest in this match at all.  I like Punk; I'm glad that he will probably get another run sometime soon.  I like Umaga, too.  But I think this is a losing situation for either.  If Umaga wins, it will make a potential World Champion candidate look weak, when they need to build him up. 

It won't do much for Umaga, becuase it's not for the briefcase, and he doesn't stand to gain much from winning.  If he loses, it will yet again make Umaga look weak, similar to the weakness shown last year when he was Jeff Hardy's personal porta-jobber. 

A win for Punk would build Punk up for a title run, but it isn't needed, nor would it believable.  Punk is already over with the fans.

My pick:  CM Punk.  But, It really doesn't matter.

Intercontinental Championship: Rey Mysterio (c) vs Chris Jericho

Rey will retain here.  I have a gut feeling that the World Heavyweight Championship title scene will evolve into a fatal-four-way feud  for the Extreme Rules pay-per-view.  Jericho's confidence in announcing his ninth Intercontinental title reign tells me Mysterio will retain.  On Smackdown, Edge bragged that he is a nine time World Champion. 

That is what's great about Jericho; he is an eight time Intercontinental Champion.  For the most part, he is a career upper-midcarder, best used as that guy who is so good he should be in the main event.  However, he's really best used as that upper-midcarder who makes that portion of the show BETTER than the main event.

Even with Rey Mysterio involved, we have one of the best angles ever in the works.  If Jericho does win here, they could do an 'end the ninth reign' angle—title versus title—between Jericho and Edge.  However, that would be far too good to happen.

My pick:  Rey Mysterio retains Intercontinental Championship (42 days)

ECW Championship:  Christian (c) vs Jack Swagger

Despite not following him too often, Jack Swagger has grown on me, based on what I've seen.  I think it's too soon for any of the championships to change hands, but one probably should, and it might be this one. 

That is part of the problem with having three major championships change hands on one pay-per-view.  You are probably going to expect all three champions to retain their championships the next month.  I pick Swagger to regain his championship here.  Feud with Tommy Dreamer?

My pick:  Jack Swagger wins second ECW Championship.

WWE Championship:  Randy Orton vs Batista

Not a Batista fan, and you couldn't pay me to watch Raw, but Batista would look weird with the WWE Championship belt, since fans are so used to seeing him with the World Heavyweight Championship.  Since a heel turn for Batista is rumored to be (hopefully) coming soon, Orton will probably retain.

My pick:  Randy Orton retains WWE Championship (21 days)

John Cena vs Big Show

Part of me could care less about this match, and part of me will mark out like I did when Cena FU'd Big Show to open WrestleMania 20, five years ago.  A lot has changed, however. 

This match is non-title, and John Cena has since become a multiple-time World Champion, a movie star (debatable), and whether everyone likes it or not, a dependable and solid main event WWE star. 

Unfortunately, that "wow" moment will happen again but less people will care, unless they find a way to make it interesting.  Not that it wouldn't be an amazing feat, because it would be, but we have seen it before.  Hell, we nearly saw that at Backlash, with EDGE piled on top of Big Show.

Big Show will win here because it's a non-title match.  You can generally count on Cena to win practically every title match he's booked in, but to break up the monotony, he will hopefully lose this non-title match.

Hopefully they are priming Big Show for a championship run.  Big Show versus Orton or Batista would be interesting and fresh.  Keep your fingers crossed.

My pick:  Big Show gets a 'giant' win over Cena.

World Heavyweight Championship:  Edge (c) vs Jeff Hardy

Edge wins.  Hardy pointed out the pattern of wins/losses for Edge on Smackdown, and they're going to break that up a bit.  Edge will finally get a lengthier reign. 

It is still unknown is Hardy is even re-signing with WWE, and he might use a title reign request as an incentive to re-sign, but it's doubtful that WWE would go along with that.  However, Jeff Hardy is OVER, and WWE will not want to risk losing Jeff to TNA.*

My pick:  Edge retains World Heavyweight Championship (21 days)

*WWE will not be afraid of a ratings increase for TNA due to an acquisition of Jeff Hardy.  They will be afraid of TNA destroying the hard work WWE has done into building Hardy into a draw.  It's inevitable.
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