San Diego Chargers vs. Philadelphia Eagles Live Blog: Highlights and Analysis

Andrew KulpContributor ISeptember 15, 2013

Coming off a demoralizing loss to the Houston Texans in a game they led 28-7, the San Diego Chargers had to travel across the country in Week 2. Their opponent: the Philadelphia Eagles, who entered Sunday with momentum after coasting to a shocking 33-27 victory over the Washington Redskins on Monday.

The big storyline heading into this clash was whether or not the Bolts could shake off last week's huge disappointment to get in the win column. In order to do so they had to stop Chip Kelly and the Birds' uptempo offense first.

San Diego was able to do just that by controlling the ball, and by extension, the time of possession. Philip Rivers connected on 36 of 47 pass attempts for 419 yards and three scores, and the Chargers dominated time of possession as a result, controlling the ball for over 40 minutes. Final score: 33-30, a massive upset.

Play-by-play highlights and analysis are below, and we'll have much more to come in the hours and days after the big Chargers upset. Andrew Kulp signing off for Bleacher Report.