Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez: Most Dazzling Images from Full Fight Card

Robert Aaron ContrerasContributor IIISeptember 15, 2013

Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez: Most Dazzling Images from Full Fight Card

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    "The One" provided a stacked card unlike any other in recent boxing history. 

    The main event featured the greatest fighter on planet Earth today and a rising phenom from Mexico. Floyd Mayweather Jr. once again solidified his rule over every other pugilist in the world as he took apart Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez over 12 rounds. Many expected him to pull out the victory—but the scary part about it all was just how easy he made it look. 

    Mayweather doesn't function on the same frequency as the rest of us mortals. He's honed his craft so well—he seems to be walking the same planes as the demigods of folklore. The only difference being we actually have evidence of his existence. 

    And it's all captured for you in the most powerful medium of expression and communications: photography. 

    Reflect back on an unforgettable night of fights with this collection of dazzling images. 

Death Is Always the Life of the Party

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    For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity.

    — William Penn

    "El Muerte" found his way to the fistic gathering of the century. He is a reminder to us all of the unforgiving hostility that surrounds every combatant who dares enter the squared circle. In boxing, death hides behind every corner, behind every screaming fan and behind every punch. And we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Celebrities, Gemstones and Punch-Drunk Mercenaries

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    Like you and I, three-time Academy Award winning actor Jack Nicholson—along with his patented sunglasses—was thrilled to stand witness to the biggest boxing card in recent memory. Boxing is the bridge that connects the penniless to the wealthy. 

Pablo Cesar Cano and the Dark Art

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    Standout Mexican prospect Pablo Cesar Cano exhibited a brand of violence only acceptable in boxing. He bit down on his mouth piece and swung to kill for 10 full rounds. And it was this efficient power-punching that gave him the edge over his 33-year-old opponent, the courageous and granite-chinned Ashley Theophane.  

Carlos Molina and Ishe Smith Fall Flat

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    Defending IBF light middleweight champion Ishe Smith and challenger Carlos Molina all but sucked the life out of the rabid crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena with their mauling performance. From frequent referee warnings to sluggish clinches, Molina proved to be the better fighter but teamed up with Smith to produce an ugly decision. 

Carlos Molina: The Junior Middleweight Division's Dark Horse

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    Despite a grimace-inducing performance against Smith, newly crowned IBF light middleweight champion Molina exhibited the kind of grit and boxing ability that makes him a tough matchup for anybody at 154 pounds. Long overlooked, Molina, with his win over Smith, has put together a résumé possibly worthy of higher ranking than even Austin Trout and Erislandy Lara. 

Danny Garcia and Lucas Matthysse Lock Horns Early

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    To describe Lucas Matthysse as a "thunderous puncher" would be a misconception. His punching prowess resembles something more of the demonically possessed butcher variety. And many saw this kind of knockout ability putting the defending champion Danny Garcia away early. But "Swift" had far different plans. 

Garcia Plays Matador and Shocks the World

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    Garcia completely outboxed the seething bull that was Matthysse. Proving to be the very best light welterweight in the world. "Swift" was absolutely breathtaking. His level changes and slips, while fighting marvelously off of the back foot, were out of this world, and his chin never faltered. There's nothing about Garcia that isn't world class. 

Repercussions of a Masterpiece

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    Matthysse came into this fight with an advantage in punching power. But Garcia provided his own display of fistic brutality. Garcia's punches audibly thudded against Matthysse's flesh for 12 rounds, inflating the challenger's right eye like a balloon. 

The Emergence of a Superstar

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    Garcia didn't merely take a step towards the pinnacle of boxing tonight—he barreled his way right into it. His composure in front of the sport's biggest puncher was inspirational. His combinations were savage, and the way he took apart Matthysse was the perfect springboard for a clash with Floyd Mayweather Jr.  

Floyd Mayweather Enters the Ring for the 45th Time

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    With a star-studded entourage consisting of the likes of Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne, Floyd Mayweather ducked his head through the ropes for the 45th time in his professional career. He's yet to taste defeat as a professional, and he was determined to keep things that way on Saturday night. 

Mayweather vs. Canelo: Speed Kills

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    Mayweather was too fast for Saul Alvarez. He was too smart. He was too good. "Money" turned things up to a whole new level that Alvarez had never seen before. "Canelo" was no match for Mayweather's footwork and blistering jabs. 

Complete Mastery: Inside and out

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    Alvarez was supposed to take his place as the sport's future on Saturday night. But he had the now to worry about. Mayweather neutralized and outclassed an overwhelmed "Canelo" to win just about every round—no matter what the putrid judging of CJ Ross says. Wherever the fight took place, from long-range to close-quarters, Mayweather was always one step ahead of his 23-year-old opponent. 

Canelo Offers Some Aggression

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    Valiant, Alvarez kept battling—no matter that seemingly every round was slipping away from him. His best moments were in his scarce flurries of aggression. Any rounds he did deserve were given to him almost solely off of his aggression.  

Mayweather Turns Back Canelo

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    Mayweather fought exactly who the world wanted him to and he completely dominated him. Saul Alvarez had nothing to offer Mayweather and becomes just another pugilist unable crack the code that is Mayweather's strongbox of invincibility. Seeing how good the pound-for-pound kingpin looked tonight—losing to him doesn't even seem embarrassing. It's just inevitable. 

45-0: No Blueprint

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    Floyd Mayweather improves his record to a flawless 45-0-0 tonight. He was absolutely remarkable against an opponent who seemed to tower over him in the ring. His technique was flawless. His defensive maneuvering was flawless. His whole career has been one giant bowl of flawless flakes. Are you getting the point by now? This guy is damn perfection and truly one of the greatest fighters of all time—and undoubtedly the greatest fighter of his time.