Ole Miss at Texas: Live Game Grades and Analysis for the Longhorns

Zach SheltonFeatured ColumnistSeptember 14, 2013

Jeff Scott and the Rebels ran all over the Longhorns en route to a 44-23 victory.
Jeff Scott and the Rebels ran all over the Longhorns en route to a 44-23 victory.Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Ole Miss 44, Texas 23—Final

The Rebels score 30-straight points on the Texas Longhorns to hand them their second embarrassing loss in two weeks. The 'Horns have given up 828 rushing yards in their last two games.

Running back Jeff Scott was the star of the night with 242 all-purpose yards and two touchdowns. On the other side, Longhorn tailback Johnathan Gray had a strong night with 102 total yards and a touchdown of his own.

You can check out the official box score here at NCAA.com.

Final Analysis for the Texas Longhorns

Passing Offense: McCoy's effectiveness fell off in the second half without Davis to provide the deep threat. His great protection from the first half was non-existent in the second. The receivers did well when they got the ball.

Rushing Offense: This game got away from Johnathan Gray, who was stellar in the first half. Bergeron was bad and Brown was worse, forcing a fumble on his own quarterback (you read that right) to ruin a potential scoring drive.

Passing Defense: Wallace completed his first eight passes. The receivers Moncrief and Treadwell were wide open throughout the second half. After a strong first half, the pass-rush became ineffective and the coverage could not make up for it.

Rushing Defense: Jeff Scott got whatever he wanted the whole night, especially off the edge. Wallace became a running threat again in the second half and the 'Horns could not adjust. The linebackers were not doing their job.

Special Teams: A Kendall Sanders kick return and a downed punt at the 1-yard line saved a failing grade. The 73-yard punt return for a touchdown by Scott was a back-breaker, missed tackles and all. 

Coaching: Any progress this team made in the first half evaporated in the second half. Robinson was unable to make adjustments against the run. Applewhite called plays like he was scared. In short, there was nothing done that will convince anyone that these guys should return in 2014.


First-Half Analysis for the Texas Longhorns

Passing Offense: Case McCoy has been steady, even when the 'Horns were down early. Mike Davis scored his fourth touchdown of the season and drew two big pass interference penalties. Jaxon Shipley has been blocking with determination, and Kendall Sanders continues to make tough catches.

Rushing Offense: RG Sedrick Flowers and RT Kennedy Estelle have come in on the right side and are bullying people. Johnathan Gray is on pace for a career night with 81 yards and a touchdown. Malcolm Brown is the only back that has really struggled to find room.

Passing Defense: Ole Miss QB Bo Wallace has thrown for under 100 yards. DE Cedric Reed has had two big deflections, including one on fourth down. Malcolm Brown also had a swat on a third down. Adrian Phillips is having a nice game aside from his targeting penalty. Other than the Moncrief touchdown, Texas has had a nice game in coverage.

Rushing Defense: At times it has been ugly, at times it has been great. Jeff Scott found room to the outside often and Bo Wallace lumbered for some big chunks of his own, but it is visibly better after last week, and that has to make fans happy.

Special Teams: Anthony Fera has kicked three field goals, including a 47-yarder. There have been no big returns, and the only hiccup was a bad punt by Fera early in the first quarter.

Coaching: The third consecutive slow start is troubling, and Greg Robinson's defense looked like Manny Diaz' on the first two drives. After that, the whole team settled down and reeled off 23 points in a row. Major Applewhite's move to the booth seems to be helping him see what is available, and the offense is running much more smoothly.