Start Em Sit Em Week 2: Risky Players to Avoid Playing This Sunday

Tyler Brooke@TylerDBrookeSenior Analyst IISeptember 14, 2013

There are players that are high-risk high-reward, and then there are players that are high-risk low-reward.

Sometimes it's hard to differentiate between the two, but luckily we've got you covered.

Players on this list are here because of their matchups, overall upside and how they looked during Week 1.  There are obviously a number of players I could put on this list, but these are the riskiest players that simply shouldn't be in your starting lineup this week.


Robert Griffin III, QB, Washington Redskins

Things didn't look good for RGIII in his first game after coming off of ACL surgery.

The rust was obviously there, and Griffin simply didn't look comfortable on the field.  He was consistently throwing off of his back foot, and some of his throws were just plain ugly.

The biggest reason to keep RGIII out of your starting lineup this week is that he will be limited to just being a one-dimensional quarterback.  The reason he was so good last season was the fact that he was always a threat to take off and run for a big chunk of yardage.  The Redskins obviously are afraid to do that as he continues to rehab from surgery, as he ran the ball just five times for 24 yards on Monday night against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Colin Kaepernick may have thrown for over 400 yards against the Green Bay Packers, but the Pack were clearly focusing on stopping the read-option, which the 49ers almost never ran in their opener.  Now, Dom Capers will likely be planning to bring the pressure early and often against the Redskins and make RGIII as uncomfortable as possible.

If RGIII struggled against the Eagles, he certainly won't look good against a defense that will have Clay Matthews chasing him around all game.


Lamar Miller, RB, Miami Dolphins

A lot of people felt that Miller was going to be a big fantasy sleeper this season, but he looked like a big dud in the first game of the season.

Miller ran the ball just 10 times against the Cleveland Browns in Week 1 and managed to produce just three yards.  That's right, three.

The Indianapolis Colts spent the offseason upgrading their defense with the mentality of stopping the run.  New players including Aubrayo Franklin, Ricky Jean Francois and LaRon Landry were all brought in for their run-stopping ability.

I don't see Miller turning it around, at least for this week.  Ryan Tannehill and the receivers could have a nice game, but don't expect Miller to put up a lot of points.


Anquan Boldin, WR, San Francisco 49ers

That's right, I just said it.  Boldin is too risky this week.

Why? The Seattle Seahawks have the best secondary in the NFL hands down.  They are stacked with players like Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas.  Browner is currently listed as doubtful for the Week 2 matchup, but the secondary will still be a big mismatch for the 49ers' passing game.

Boldin blew up for 13 receptions, a touchdown and over 200 yards receiving, but that was against a Packers' secondary that was dealing with some injuries and a scheme that was preparing for the read-option instead of a constant aerial assault.

The Seahawks will be prepared for Boldin, and the 32-year-old won't be the fantasy stud in Week 2 that he was in the first game of the season.