20 Sick Knockout Videos on the Internet

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistSeptember 15, 2013

20 Sick Knockout Videos on the Internet

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    Not sure if it makes me a wussy or not, but I've only been hit in the face by another person just one time in my entire life.

    Seeing that I'm a lover and not a hater, maybe that's not such a bad thing.

    Another reason I'm not too upset about confessing I haven't been hit more than once? Because I've never even come close to being knocked out silly like these people did.

Bathroom Brawl

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    Generally, the bathroom is a place for just releasing all the beers we had at a sporting event, but these guys show it can act as a boxing venue just perfectly.

    Poor dude got lit the hell up.

Bronco Gets Bopped

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    Still one of the more famous punches in the past five years or so, when former Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount connected on this right jab to the jaw of then-Boise State defender Byron Hout, we all knew something was about to go down.

    It absolutely did too, as the two teams continued the scuffle with Blount ultimately getting slapped with a suspension that kept him out the entire 2009 season.

Bruin Fan Gets Bashed

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    Just when you thought that Bruins fans were the only ones throwing fistacuffs at fans, we see some Canucks fans team up on a dude, knocking him to the pavement.

    Remember to always watch your words—and actions—when in enemy territory.

Wrestling Fan Gets Whacked

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    For everyone who thinks wrestling is fake, well, you're technically right.

    But that's assuming you don't have some moronic fan who tries getting involved by tugging on the mask of one of the participants.

    So when this dude gets clocked, it's more than well-deserved in my opinion.

Niners Knockout

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    It's always cold when someone gets knocked out, but it's always a little more painful when it's by someone who looks to be just a little bit older.

    Word to the wise, if you're looking for a fight like the dude who got popped was, be prepared for the consequences.

Double Trouble

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    Seriously, guys?

    That's about all I can think about when seeing these two MMA fighters both go down at the same time.

    Umm, how do they determine the winner in this case?

MMA Massacre

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    Anyone who steps into the Octagon has to keep their head in a swivel.

    The dude who got his bell rung seemed to do that OK—well, for awhile—until one huge punch sent him to the mat—and the caged fence.

    This punch looks like it did some serious damage.

Golf Gone Bad

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    Did anyone hear "fore" during this shot?

    Many don't think of golf as a dangerous sport, but one unsuspecting fan found out that a helmet might not be a bad investment to make next time he goes watch a tournament.


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    While some people use their fists to put another guy on the ground, this bro decides a spinning roundhouse kick is the best way to punish his opponent.

    Turns out he was right because it worked perfectly.

Mama Knocked You out

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    Don't forget about the ladies!

    Although many of us think of girls as being sweet, innocent and sexy, it doesn't mean they don't have fists of fury.

    Anytime someone gets stood up like this lady did against the fence, it means they just got clocked.

Joe Rogan Spins

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    Most guys know Joe Rogan as a comedian and for his commentary on various UFC events.

    But many might not know that before stepping in front of the camera to report on fighting, Rogan was beating other guys up himself, as he knocked out an opponent in this 1987 Taekwondo fight.

Call Him Chief Punchton

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    Ganging up on another person is always a cheap way of trying to win a fight.

    But three Ravens fans found out it wasn't as easy as they may have first thought, as this Chiefs fan packed some heart, taking down all of them while defending himself.

    If the team had that kind of effort, maybe they wouldn't have been just 2-14 last year.

A Wobbly Knockout

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    I'll never make fun of a guy for being able to take a punch, but this one just has to make you smirk a little bit.

    It's embarrassing enough that the fight lasted all but 10 seconds. But when he goes down and then tries to prove he's good to go at it again, he looks a little dizzy walking around that ring.

Put 'Em Up

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    Hockey is one sport that actually allows fighting to occur between guys.

    But if you ask then-Penguins winger Matt Cooke if he's a fan of letting fists fly, he'd probably tell you he wasn't.

    At least you'd think that after seeing him get sent to the ice from current Jets player, Evander Kane.

Knocked Stiff

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    I mean, good God.

    If there's any reason why you should never resolve anything with your fists, just watch what can happen if another guy clocks you just right.

    Not one, not two, but three straight fists to different parts of the head had this guy sleeping on the canvas.

Butt Fumble

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    Sorry guys, but I just had to.

    The butt fumble might be one of the worst plays in NFL history, but it also has to be acknowledged for quite the entertaining knockout of Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

    This might be the hardest hit he's ever taken, and it was from his teammate's butt!

Dreaming of a Punch out

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    Taking a monster punch to the head can cause some serious damage.

    This boxer showed us that when, after getting knocked to the ground, laid on his back still trying to throw jabs at his opponent.

    Hmm, don't think that's going to work out for you, bud.

The Karate Kid

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    There's a lot going on in this video of two black belt karate kids.

    With both of them showing the potential of taking the other one down, they trade a few licks before smaller guy finally just busts out something random as hell to take the bigger dude down.

    It may have looked a little weird, but it clearly worked for him.

Did It to Himself

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    Remember guys, when trying to fight, always stay on-guard—especially from yourself.

    While trying hard to get his opponent on the mat, this dude effectively knocked himself out, getting pinned and losing the match.

Look out Below

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    Skydiving is supposed to be dangerous for the person strapped to a parachute and falling from the sky, but not for the people on the ground.

    Turns out these guys were in opposite positions though, as the jumper nailed an unassuming baseball player, effectively ending his season.