Video of Young Wes Welker Dressed Like Britney Spears Surfaces

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 13, 2013

Wes Welker always had the freshest of moves. 

If you are skeptical, take a look at this news report discovered by The Huffington Post which features a much younger Welker hamming it up as pop star Britney Spears. 

Per the report, Welker was on with Dan Hellie for NFL Total Access and divulged a hilarious memory from his past. 

Way back when he was a student at Heritage Hall High School in Oklahoma City, Okla., he dressed up as a certain wildly popular singer. 

He stated, "Gosh, I’d love to say false there, but I did…they have me on video." Before the Internet could drum up some incriminating video, he said, "But I've already bought them off, so you won't be seeing that anytime soon."

The Internet always gets their man. 

As The Huffington Post notes, first posted the video more than a year ago. Thankfully, the interwebz never forget, and we have a charming video of Welker busting a move while decked out in a skirt and blond wig. 

We are rarely afforded a look back at star athletes in their youth. Unfortunately, we are relegated to learning more about football players from interviews where they give calculated answers and rarely reveal their true personality. 

Well, we have evidence that Welker has never taken himself all that seriously and loves to get the crowd laughing. 

The longtime Patriots receiver is now catching balls from the Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning. He will test his ankle this weekend and hopefully captivate in much the same way he has for years, catching passes and eluding defenders. 

While we are confident he will never throw on a dress and dance at halftime, we now know he is certainly capable of doing just that. 

Rock on with your bad self, Wes. 


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