The Most Awesome Kid Fans in Sports

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 The Most Awesome Kid Fans in Sports

Most people have had at least one bad experience dealing with the unpleasant child of a stranger in a public place. Whether it's in a restaurant, on an airplane or at a sporting event, there are few things that can ruin your day like the menacing fruit of someone else's loins.

It's just something we all have to live with usually. Parents can't go out to dinner or travel without their kids. You may dislike them in the moment, but don't you dislike all of the terrible parents who end up on the news for various acts of being unfit and far more? Of course you do.

That being said, not all kids are terrible little monsters put on this planet for the express purpose of ruining your day—not to mention the day of everyone around you. It may not be the standard, but believe it or not, some kids are actually pretty cool. 

Some are just cool enough not to ruin the fun at a sporting event, which is a totally acceptable level of cool for a child. But there are also the rare few that are awesome enough to actually enhance your sports viewing experience.

Here are 15 totally awesome kid sports fans that are more than welcome to sit next to me.

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