WWE Total Divas Preview and What to Expect for Sept. 15 Summer Finale/Reunion

David Bixenspan@davidbixFeatured ColumnistSeptember 13, 2013

Total Divas cast (Photo by E!/WWE)
Total Divas cast (Photo by E!/WWE)

Previously, on Total Divas:

  • Eva Marie did a photo shoot for Maxim, which was apparently her childhood dream for some reason.  Jojo was jealous and decided she wanted to sing on WWE TV to get ahead of her.  Trinity convinced her to perform Tons of Funk's entrance music with her and Ariane, and it didn't go very well, to say the least.
  • Nikki suffered a stress fracture in her shin (an old injury that never healed properly) and was taken off TV by Mark Carrano because crutches aren't very Diva-like.  Seriously, that's what he said.  Of course, she wasn't actually taken off TV anyway, just never shown on crutches...
  • Vincent overwhelmed Ariane by taking her to meet his dad and talking about marriage, leading to her asking for a break.

This week, opposite Night of Champions if you get E!'s east coast feed, is the summer finale.  Afterwards, there's a second episode, which is being called an "after party" since you can't have a reunion episode with people who see each other all the time.

Here's what TVGuide.com says about the finale, "No Longer the Bridesmaid":

Nattie's dream wedding doesn't go off as planned; Nikki is invited to meet John Cena's family; Ariane deals with a medical emergency; and one of the newcomers makes her WWE debut

And for "Total Divas After Party":

The cast reunite to dish on their highs and lows as Season 1 reaches its midpoint.

In addition, what we can glean from the above promo video and the preview clips on the E! website (not embeddable or directly linkable, unfortunately) is the following:

  • Jaret is at the wedding, because...shenanigans.
  • One of the E! videos shows TJ and Nattie successfully hashing out the Jaret situation.  Hooray for lack of suspense!
  • Nikki doesn't just meet John Cena's family for the first time for a dinner at Kowloon's, she and John skip the wedding for the dinner in Boston.  Umm...wow.
  • Vincent is Ariane's date at the wedding.  Well, that wasn't much of a break.
  • Ariane is grabbing the right side of her abdomen as she screams that her stomach hurts before being carted off in an ambulance.  Appendicitis?
  • Eva Marie: "I feel like you're so not happy for me..." Jojo to the camera later: "Eva's a bit cocky, just because she has her red hair and her big t-ts..." Awesome.  Snarky Jojo has promise.

Will Nattie and TJ actually get married? (Yes.)  Did Vincent poison Ariane? (No.)  Will Eva Marie and Jojo stop being roommates? (Probably.)  Is this the last we will ever see Jaret? (God, I hope so.)  Will it turn out that Cena and Nikki were at the wedding and the producers shot around it? (Well, it is Total Divas.)

Tune in this Sunday night to find out, and check back here Monday for my usual recap/review post. 

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