Is John Daly Primed For a Comeback Or Yet Another Burnout?

Adam LawrenceContributor IMay 17, 2009

TURIN, ITALY - MAY 10:  John Daly of USA holes his putt on the fourth hole during the final round of the BMW Italian Open at Royal Park I Roveri on May 10, 2009 near Turin, Italy.  (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

Big John, the only person Tiger Woods claims has more talent than himself as a golfer.

He is also the only person to have been kicked off the tour several times for personal reasons.

Well right when we thought the end was near and John Daly himself was sitting at a stand in the Hooters Casino selling memorabilia for 40 bucks, he's back again.

Only this time its not in America.

Daly has been tearing up the European Tour with a top 40 finish and a second place finish in an event in Italy last week.

The question lurks with every professional golfer, will John Daly return for one final go of it on tour, or will he continue to be a mockery of golf?

Well I am here to argue that while John may have had some rough spots and has been baned by the tour for six months for personal misconduct, he has the ability to easily make another run on tour.

Daly is one of the greatest golfers to have ever played the game, and aside from disappointing fans such as myself, he has put some entertainment into a sport that has little to offer fans.

The fact of the matter is that Daly does have the talent to compete with anyone. No matter if they are Rory Sabbatini, Boo Weekley, or Tiger Woods. All he has to do is get his head in the game.

Fans, such as myself, love Daly for his very unorthodox approach to the game. We love his "grip-it-n-rip-it" mentality and his love for hitting it as far as he can.

But what we all don't get is his mental mindset, as this is something that has prohibited him from becoming an elite player in golf.

Or, wait a second, hasn't Daly already become an elite player in golf? Isn't this just the downfall of every great player's career?

John Daly has won two majors, both during times of fierce competition and under harsh play, and he did it with his putter. Daly has already become one of the greatest in the eyes of many, but he has been so disappointing because we all expected more, but Daly hasn't always delivered.

Could the problem with Daly be that everyone has put such unreasonable expectations on him that he himself can't even live up to it?

Well, I don't think I would go that far.

Big John has still found a lot of ways to screw up and create problems within his own golf game because of his personal life, and while I admire Daly as much as any golfer, the expectations John's fans and the sport of golf has placed on him are not unreasonable. Daly just has to focus harder and harder.

This could be the time for Daly to come back. We all have seen his talent level in the past and know what he is capable of as a golfer. All he has to do is put it together and just remember how Happy Gilmore made his comeback to knock off Shooter McGavin; he controlled his emotions both on a off the course.

How about we see Daly win one more major and surprise the entire world? It's up to him.