WWE Night of Champions 2013: Biggest Booking Mistakes WWE Made for Top Event

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistSeptember 13, 2013

WWE Night of Champions 2013: Biggest Booking Mistakes WWE Made for Top Event

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    WWE Night of Champions has never been a high-profile event in this era of diluted championships.  It is once again WWE's problem of too many championships that has hurt the brand value of this pay-per-view.

    Once-illustrious championships will not be deafened while championships that will be defended have little backstory.  Booking problems go beyond WWE's championship dilution. 

    The top storyline, while effective in getting heat on the right heels, has smothered babyfaces.  Outside of Daniel Bryan, there is no serious opposition for the establishment, and when that opposition does finally arrive, it could be too little, too late. 

    Poor booking decisions will be graded on storyline inconsistencies and how negatively they have impacted major angles moving forward. 

5. Tag Team Championship Match Has No Backstory

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    Currently, the tag team title match for Night of Champions reads "The Shield vs. Tag Team Turmoil Winners."

    That's about as far as that storyline goes.  WWE awarding a tag team title shot to the winners of a pre-show pay-per-view paycheck grab is lazy storytelling, much like Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns' current run as champions has played second and third banana to their glorified security act. 

    The Shield losing the tag team championships could be best for the division given the infrequency of in-ring competition since quietly joining the corporation. 

4. AJ Lee, Natalya, Brie Bella and Naomi: Too Many Divas

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    The divas angle once threatened to be one of the hottest angles in the WWE.  After AJ Lee cut what CM Punk deemed a "pipe bombshell," and in conjunction with the popular Total Divas show, the divas division was getting more attention than ever. 

    Focusing on one "total" diva to challenge AJ would have created a simple dichotomy between diva and anti-diva, allowing fans to make a choice and thus become more connected to the angle.

    Instead, WWE once again undermined the dramatic value of a showdown in favor of lumping four divas together for a Divas championship match.  Now, ambiguity between good and bad divas will affect crowd involvement in the Divas match, and a surging division will be unable to live up to its potential. 

3. United States Championship and Intercontinental Championship Not on the Line

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    If this is Night of Champions, shouldn't fans feel cheated that neither the WWE United States Championship nor the WWE Intercontinental Championship will be defended?  The fact that they likely will not feel cheated speaks volumes about the state of both championships. 

    Dean Ambrose has taken an extended hiatus from defending the WWE United States Championship to develop his career as a security guard. 

    The more egregious snub is in the case of the WWE Intercontinental Championship, which has seldom been mentioned despite champion Curtis Axel being in a main event-caliber program against CM Punk. 

    Choosing not to involve this title in a major field on a championship-themed pay-per-view is the worst insult to the WWE Intercontinental Championship since Santino Marella won it as a plant. 

2. Ricardo Rodriguez and Rob Van Dam Make for an Awkward Pairing

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    Babyfaces with managers is always a tricky booking decision to make.  The Ricardo Rodriguez-RVD pairing has done nothing to disprove that theory. 

    Rodriguez is basically 1A in the feud between Rob Van Dam and Del Rio.  Van Dam, while not particularly dynamic on the microphone, never really needed a mouthpiece.  One could even argue that Rodriguez provides an unnecessary distraction in what should be a good wrestling feud. 

    The angle could be saved or revitalized by having Rodriguez turn on RVD, but if not, it will do very little to get anybody or anything about this angle over. 

1. Corporation Angle Devalues the Entire Roster

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    Triple H's three-week wash, rinse and repeat act of having members of the Raw roster stand defenseless on stage did nothing to assist their individual brands. 

    Now, wrestlers, especially the babyfaces, have been rendered minor league after "just being there" while Daniel Bryan was being made an example of. 

    Fans will likely reserve their emotion for Daniel Bryan at Night of Champions.  Nobody can blame them if they lose respect for babyfaces who have fallen in line.  When all is said and done, Daniel Bryan may be the only babyface who gets over in a storyline that has acted as creative napalm for the good guys. 


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