College Football Uniform Watch for Week 3

Jonathan McDanal@@jdmcdanalContributor IIISeptember 13, 2013

College Football Uniform Watch for Week 3

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    College football's 2013 season is going to be full of planned sets of new uniforms, and new combos are going to come out every week. If you want to know what to look for, here's the place to find it.

    Heading into Week 3, there are a few notable things to watch for, including a change on both sides of the ball in a heavyweight match to end the week.

    Here are the announced changes for this weekend, presented in the order they will appear.

TCU Horned Frogs

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    The TCU Horned Frogs showed up against Texas Tech on Sept. 12 with a "9-11" helmet accent. Honoring the heroes and victims from that day is always nice, as long as it's tastefully done.

    Simple, but elegant.

Texas Tech Red Raiders

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    Against TCU, the Texas Tech Raiders donned their gunmetal grey uniforms, and they were sharp. There are billions of shades of grey, and about 900 million of them do not look good against the green backdrop of a football field.

    The red-to-black accents really set these off quite well.

Nebraska Cornhuskers

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    UCLA is taking part in an epic match that brings back memories of the 1993 season. Not just because it's a great match between two big conference powers, but because it could end up with just as close a score.

    Nebraska will suit up for the game in this spot-on compilation of contrast that has a 50-percent shot of looking great on the football field. Against a complementary backdrop, it looks awesome.

    However, against the field of green, it may lack flavor. We will see.

    The Bruins will be sporting a No. 36 patch on their jerseys to honor the late Nick Pasquale, a walk-on wide receiver who was killed in an auto accident on Sunday, Sept. 8.

    The Huskers will join UCLA in honoring Pasquale with a decal on its helmets. Nebraska's nod to the recently departed is a classy move that's above and beyond the call of duty.

Wyoming Cowboys

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    Wyoming has announced its intention to unveil a new uniform combination on the Monday preceding every game this season. This is the Week 3 edition for the Northern Colorado game.

    New uniforms fit the attitude of the Cowboys this year, who already showed vast improvement in the season opener against Nebraska.

Iowa State Cyclones

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    Iowa State is dipping back to files from the 1920s to take on in-state rival Iowa this weekend. While the uniforms are going to be polarizing, they do have all the integrity of a past-and-present combo.

    The colors ring true, and they don't look like old patterns slapped onto new materials. They are completely honest, and they aren't nearly as abrasive as some of the outfits the NFL has trotted out under the guise of honoring the past.