NFL Power Rankings: Week 2 Outlook for All 32 Teams

Tyler Brooke@TylerDBrookeSenior Analyst IISeptember 13, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - SEPTEMBER 08:  Quarterback Colin Kaepernick #7 of the San Francisco 49ers drops back to pass against the Green Bay Packers in the fourth quarter at Candlestick Park on September 8, 2013 in San Francisco, California. The 49ers defeated the Packers 34-28.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
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We've officially gotten a good look at all 32 teams in the NFL, and now we can do a better job at ranking everyone heading into Week 2.

There were some pleasantly surprising teams like the New Orleans Saints, and there were some disappointments like the Pittsburgh Steelers.  We're now getting a feel for how much better or worse these teams have gotten, but remember that it's only one week.

Here are the current power rankings for Week 2, updated through the Thursday night game between the New England Patriots and New York Jets.


32. Jacksonville Jaguars

Almost everyone had the Jaguars as the worst team in football before the season started, and they strengthened that claim with a brutal 28-2 loss.  

The offense looked plain awful and failed to put up more than 200 total yards of offense.  To make things worse, Blaine Gabbert will miss Week 2 after suffering a laceration on this throwing hand.

Things aren't looking good in Jacksonville and likely won't get much better as the season goes on.


31. Cleveland Browns

Brandon Weeden was getting hyped up after a solid preseason, and that just goes to show you how meaningless the preseason really is.  He threw three interceptions and was sacked six times in Week 1.

If Weeden looked that bad against an average team, things won't get much better the rest of the season. It may be early, but it looks like the Weeden era may end after the 2013 season.


30. Oakland Raiders

The Raiders lost a tough one to the Indianapolis Colts, but this team might have some hope for the future.

Terrelle Pryor actually had a good game, throwing for 200 yards and running for more than 100.  He may have thrown two interceptions, but he looked like a competent starting quarterback.

They may have gotten the loss, but they resolved the quarterback situation, if only for a few games.


29. New York Jets

The Jets got lucky in Week 1, but it looks like they ran out of it against the New England Patriots.

They may have gotten the win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but Lavonte David was the reason after he hit Geno Smith when the Jets quarterback was out of bounds.  The 15-yard penalty help to set up New York's game-winning field goal.

Smith looks much worse against the Patriots, throwing three interceptions in the loss.  The Jets may have stayed in the game, but that offense is not looking good so far.


28. San Diego Chargers

Was there a bigger letdown than the Chargers in Week 1?

Despite the 21-point lead, the Chargers collapsed and let the Houston Texans escape with a win.  The offense looked great with Philip Rivers in the first half, but things got ugly very quickly at the end.

This is such an inconsistent team, and things are not looking good to start the new year.


27. Tennessee Titans

It wasn't pretty, but the Titans got the job done and pulled off the upset over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The problem for the Titans is that Jack Locker is still their quarterback.  He has all of the tools around him to succeed, but we're still waiting to see if he can finally become a franchise QB.

Locker isn't the answer, and the Titans might have a rough season ahead of them.


26. Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson is the best running back in football, but Christian Ponder is keeping this offense from making it to the next level.

He had three interceptions in the loss while making some bad reads and worse throws. Peterson had a good game against the Detroit Lions, but he can't do everything by himself.


25. Buffalo Bills

They were so close, but the Bills weren't able to pull off the win over the Patriots.

The good news for Bills fans is that E.J. Manuel looks to be the real deal.  He went 18-of-27 and threw for 150 yards and two touchdowns.  However, the running game struggled a bit, and C.J. Spiller averaged just 2.4 yards per carry.

This offense could be great; the Bills just need to find ways to close games before I buy into them.


24. Arizona Cardinals

Larry Fitzgerald finally had someone to throw to him, but the Cardinals still couldn't win.

Carson Palmer looked solid, but the run game was not pretty.  The team averaged just 3.3 yards per carry, and the backfield looks less than impressive.

Some critical turnovers cost the Cardinals the game, but they're looking better than they did in 2012.


23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

When you lose to the Jets, fans are going to ask a lot of questions.

To make matters worse, Josh Freeman did not look good, and it was recently reported that he slept through a team meeting.

The frustrating part is that he is talented but just makes bad decisions on the field.  We haven't seen enough of this team yet, but it isn't looking good for the Bucs so far.


22. Carolina Panthers

They may have only scored seven points, but it's a good sign for the Panthers when they can hold the Seattle Seahawks to just 12.

Cam Newton looked solid against arguably the best secondary in the league, and the rushing attack looked strong as well.  The team will likely be working on ball security this week, however, as Carolina lost two key fumbles in the game.

This is the year that Newton can prove that the Panthers are the real deal.  For now, they aren't looking half bad.


21. Detroit Lions

The Lions have a new toy on offense in Reggie Bush, who helped them pave the way to a win, but issues about playing dirty arose once again.  

Ndamukong Suh had a questionable play where he dove at the knees of John Sullivan during an interception return.  He was fined $100,000 for the incident.

It's frustrating to watch these plays come continually from him, but the Lions will be satisfied with a win.


20. Pittsburgh Steelers

It might be heresy to say this, but I thought the Steelers just looked awful on Sunday.

The rushing attack was nonexistent, and Ben Roethlisberger did not look very good.  The team had just 195 yards of total offense and was beat by the Titans.

The defense looked slow, and the offense appeared dysfunctional.  This team didn't look good at the end of last season either, and I'm not buying into the Steelers until they prove that they can turn it around.


19. New York Giants

It seems like we write off the Giants every season, yet they somehow find ways to creep into the playoffs and make Super Bowl runs.

It doesn't look like that will be the case this year.

The offense made as many mistakes as possible to lose the game.  The Giants turned the ball over six times, with three interceptions from Eli Manning and two fumbles from David Wilson.

It was a close game, but the Giants looked sloppy.


18. Washington Redskins

It was obvious that Robert Griffin III wasn't ready to play in Week 1, and the Redskins suffered because of it.  He needs to shake off some rust, and it will take time for him to deal with that.

I think this team gets back to normal in a few weeks, but right now things are not looking good for that offense.


17. Kansas City Chiefs

Alex Smith looked competent in his debut for the Chiefs, who were able to achieve half of their wins from last season in a single game.

Granted, they did play the Jaguars, but the offense as a whole looked solid, and the defense looked good as well.

I want to see more of this team before I move them up to the top half of the league, but that wasn't a bad start for the worst team from last season.


16. Miami Dolphins

Mike Wallace wasn't involved much in the offense, but the Dolphins won't be complaining after taking the win.

The defense looked great for Miami, grabbing three interceptions and six sacks.  Cameron Wake looked as dangerous as ever after recording 2.5 sacks in the opener.

That defense could take the Dolphins into the playoffs, but Ryan Tannehill will need to prove he's becoming a franchise quarterback if they want to make a run in the AFC East.


15. Dallas Cowboys

Is this the year that the Cowboys finally keep it together and make a playoff run?

It's probably too early to make that call, but the Cowboys are off to a good start.  Tony Romo played a good game, and the defense had two defensive touchdowns.

With Jason Witten, Dez Bryant and Miles Austin on the field, the Cowboys could have a dangerous offense and make a run for an NFC East title.


14. St. Louis Rams

The Rams won their first opener since 2006, and now they're looking to have a solid season in a tough NFC West division. 

Jared Cook had a great game and was a nice safety blanket for Sam Bradford as he gets adjusted to his new receivers.  Meanwhile, Robert Quinn looked fantastic after grabbing three sacks.

They probably won't go to the playoffs, but the Rams could pick up seven or eight wins this season if they play as well as they did in Week 1.


13. Baltimore Ravens

The defending Super Bowl champions were beaten badly by the Denver Broncos, but it's going to be hard for anyone to defeat the Broncos this season.

The defense is still trying to find its groove, but the offense will pick it up in Week 2.  Joe Flacco and Ray Rice will put up some big numbers, and the Ravens will look like a playoff contender once again.


12. Philadelphia Eagles

I was tempted to put the Eagles higher on this list, but I keep trying to remind myself that it was just one game.

Still, it was a heck of a game for that offense.  Michael Vick looked good, and LeSean McCoy looked fantastic.  The defense that was questioned so much this preseason beat up on RGIII and the Redskins before coasting to a win at the end of the game.

The offense is fun and exciting, but we will need to see if it can last before we give the Eagles the NFC East.


11. Houston Texans

It took them awhile, but the Texans finally got things going in the second half on Monday night, and they were able to make a terrific comeback over the Chargers.

I'm still not sold on Matt Schaub, but he looked good with three touchdowns in the win.  Meanwhile, the defense made some key plays including a pick-six from Brian Cushing.

People will continue to criticize this team for not making a deep playoff run, and there's a chance that might be the case again this season.  We will have to see if Schaub can lead this team to some more wins.


10. Indianapolis Colts

The two top AFC South teams are back-to-back on the power rankings, but the Colts get the edge despite the close call against the Oakland Raiders.

Andrew Luck worked his magic yet again and led another game-winning drive to kick off the 2013 season.  The defense may have had its struggles, but it came through with some critical turnovers.

The Colts are somehow able to pull out wins from nowhere week after week, and that could lead to another big year for a team that was just 2-14 in 2011.


9. Cincinnati Bengals

I know that the Bengals lost, but it was against a solid team in the Chicago Bears. The Bengals have enough pieces to be a playoff contender.

A key mental mistake from Rey Maualuga cost Cincinnati the game, but the rest of the team played well.  Andy Dalton had two interceptions, but he also had two touchdowns and 282 yards passing.

The defense needs to stay disciplined, but this team should earn another playoff spot and look better moving forward.


8. Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler finally looks like he has some room to throw, and he was sacked zero times in the win.

If the offensive line holds, the Bears could have a dangerous offense with Cutler, Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte.  The defense seemed to do just fine without Brian Urlacher, and the Bears were able to take the win.

The NFC North isn't going to be easy this season, but the Bears could be serious playoff contenders this season.


7. Atlanta Falcons

It seems like the Falcons aren't as intimidating as we thought heading into the season, but they're still a top-tier team in the NFC.

The loss to the New Orleans Saints is tough, but the offense should look better once Roddy White gets healthy.  Matt Ryan has a number of weapons; he just needs to make sure he looks for who is open rather than who should get the ball before the snap.


6. Green Bay Packers

There may be a new rivalry between the Packers and San Francisco 49ers.

The loss is tough, but the Packers looked better than they did in the previous matchup between the two teams in the playoffs.  The pass defense should improve once Morgan Burnett and Casey Hayward return, and the offense is set thanks to Aaron Rodgers.


5. New Orleans Saints

Everything is right in the world or at least in New Orleans.

Saints fans are ecstatic with the return of coach Sean Payton and a big win in the home opener.  Drew Brees looked as good as ever, and the defense looked much improved from the abysmal 2012 season.

Will Payton really make that big of a difference this season?  Based off Week 1, it looks like it.


4. New England Patriots

Tom Brady keeps losing people to throw, and it looks like it might finally be catching up to the offense.

Despite everything going around this team, the Pats are still one of the top teams in the AFC and are 2-0 to start the season.  They may have some growing pains here and there, but that will go away once the season is in full swing and Brady starts getting on the same page with his receivers.


3. Seattle Seahawks

It was an ugly game, but the Seahawks proved that their defense will carry them to wins throughout the season.

Seattle has the best secondary in the NFL and showed it this week.  The Seahawks allowed just 125 yards through the air, and they will look to continue to do that as the season moves on. 

Russell Wilson is the real deal, and the Seahawks are a popular choice to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.


2. San Francisco 49ers

No read-option?  No problem.

Colin Kaepernick proved that he's not just a running quarterback.  After torching the Packers defense with his legs in the playoffs last season, he put up 412 yards and three touchdowns through the air in Week 1.  Anquan Boldin was a popular target, as he went off for 13 receptions, 208 yards and a touchdown.

The defense looked good, and this is a truly complete team.  The injury concerns at wide receiver could be troublesome down the road, but for now the 49ers look just fine.


1. Denver Broncos

It was a dominating win for the Broncos against a very good team in the Ravens. Plus, they have Peyton Manning, so how can you not have them as the No. 1 team?

Manning threw seven touchdowns and had too many weapons for the Ravens to handle.  The defense could have been better, but it made stops when it mattered and created two turnovers off errant throws from Joe Flacco.

Once Von Miller returns, this will be an even more frightening team.  For now, the Broncos still look like the best team in football thanks to their incredible offensive performance.



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