TNA Impact Wrestling: AJ Styles Beats Magnus to Win the Bound for Glory Series

Daniel PeragineSenior Analyst IISeptember 12, 2013

AJ Styles. (Photo credit: TNA Impact! Wrestling)
AJ Styles. (Photo credit: TNA Impact! Wrestling)

The Thursday, September 12 edition of TNA Impact Wrestling, which aired live from St. Louis, MO, opened with a video package hyping its No Surrender event and the match between Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Ray, who was accompanied by Brooke Tessmacher, came out to the ring and told the crowd to let him speak. The President of Aces and Eights spoke out about Mr. Anderson, telling the World Heavyweight Champion contender that he is willing to forgive him.

Suddenly, Hulk Hogan came out to the entrance way and told Ray he should be worried by Mr. Anderson instead of complaining.

Mr. Anderson came out next and after ignoring Hogan's handshake, walked towards the ring to join Ray. After forcing Ray outside the ring, Hogan booked the battle as a Last Man Standing match.


Match No. 1: Austin Aries vs. AJ Styles.

Your winner via pin fall: AJ Styles.

The victory places Styles into the Bound for Glory Series finals. Pretty evenly matched were Aries and Styles, as both wrestlers performed quite competitively. This was a good start to open the special edition of No Surrender on Impact Wrestling.

Match Rating: 4/5.


Match No. 2: Magnus vs. Bobby Roode.

Your winner via pin fall: Magnus.

This was another solid and clean finish match, as Magnus vs. Styles should make into an entertaining feature in the Bound for Glory Series finale.

Despite Roode's past accomplishments, Magnus deserved a chance to be in the finals. TNA rewarded Magnus' hard work by slotting him in the biggest match of his young career.

Match Rating: 3.5/5.


Match No. 3: Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Your winner to retain the World Heavyweight title: Bully Ray.

After the match, Ray continued his attack on Mr. Anderson, took off his Aces and Eights vest and landed a pile driver on the entrance way.

It was an excellent World Heavyweight match, with plenty of exciting moments, as TNA elected to keep the Aces and Eights story line going by having Mike Knox, Garett Bischoff and Wes Briscoe triple power bomb Mr. Anderson in the ring.

In case anyone missed it, this is a must see match.

Match Rating: 4.5/5.

TNA Tag Team champions James Storm and Gunner came out to the ring next.

Storm said he was looking forward to drinking a few beers with Gunner, when the former World Heavyweight champion was randomly interrupted by Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Guerrero challenged them to a match next week on Impact Wrestling.

Gunner took over the microphone and quickly accepted.


Match No. 4: Magnus vs. AJ Styles.

Your winner via pin fall: AJ Styles.

This was possibly one of the best main events in professional wrestling in 2013.

Styles and Magnus really showed up at No Surrender and delivered a very entertaining, intense and competitive match.

The win places Styles as the new No. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight title at Bound for Glory.

Match Rating: 5/5.

Afterwards, Styles thanked all the fans for their support. Before Impact Wrestling closed, Styles called out TNA President Dixie Carter and asked her to join him inside the ring next week.