Will Batista Leave Orton Laying in the Ring Without His Gold?

chipper smithCorrespondent IMay 17, 2009

Sunday, May 17th, Randy Orton vs Batista at Judgement Day. It won't be an easy task for either man. One has everything to lose and the other has everything to gain.

A lot of people say this is the age of Orton, an era of second and third generation superstars—the Colon brothers, Cody Rhodes, and Ted Dibiase Jr. just to name a few. Not to mention Randy Orton, who is on top of the heap. 

Orton is a venomous viper that will attack when provoked. He is very calculating and deliberate. His opponent, Batista, is like a caged animal and once he is unleashed, all hell breaks loose.

At Judgement Day things won't be any different for these two superstars. There is no love lost between them. They despise each other. There was a time when they were on the same side, until a young Triple H turned on Orton after he won the heavyweight championship. Somewhere down the line, Batista left their elite group.

Orton blames a lot of his misgivings on Triple H and Batista. He has carried that grudge to the present. He learned how to be calculating and deliberate. Orton can be a dangerous individual. But so can his opponent, Batista.

Randy punted Batista in the head, causing damage. Batista was out for months and he wants payback. Will he finally get it? Is it finally Batista's time? Can he finally succeed and win the gold from Orton?

When one takes on Randy Orton, they are taking on three men because Legacy is always in the shadows lurking, sneaking around, waiting for that person to start getting it over on Randy, and they come out of the darkness and pounce on Orton's opponent.

Batista needs to be careful at Judgement Day because Orton will have his little cohorts waiting in the wings, waiting for Batista to make a mistake. When that happens, they will be in the ring quicker than quick. But again, Batista is no slouch. He is strong, fast, and he can be just as dangerous as Orton.

I think Batista has a backup plan just in case Orton's little peasants interfere with their leader's match. The animal might have someone to stop Legacy from doing Orton's dirty work.

Guess we all will see what happens at Judgement Day. These events always promise to be exciting, with plenty of action, twists, and turns. Expect the unexpected when it comes to the WWE and its superstars.