Mike Freeman's NFL Grades: Pre-Week 3 Edition

Mike Freeman@@mikefreemanNFLNFL National Lead WriterSeptember 17, 2013

Seattle's Richard Sherman has a big yapper. Sometimes I like that, and sometimes I don't. When Sherman acts like he invented football and chastises people who picked against his Seahawks, instead of winning with class, that is when I'd like for him to shut up.

Yet there is no denying the talent of both player and team. This is a ferocious squad, and they are one of the stars of this week's grade-a-licious rundown, along with the Denver Broncos.

While the Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers and a few others also earned high marks, and the Jacksonville Jaguars and Washington Redskins reached subterranean levels of putridity, it was the play of Seattle and Denver that awed.

On to the grades. 

49ersC-Looked totally intimidated by the hostile crowd in Seattle and unprepared for the Seahawks' ferocity.
BearsBQuarterback Jay Cutler is still making the occasional knucklehead play, but he's been sacked just once in two games.
BengalsB-They struggled against a horribly beat-up Pittsburgh team. Quarterback Andy Dalton's accuracy is awful at times.
BillsBDefensive end Mario Williams had three sacks in the first half. He's a factor. Finally.
BroncosAThe most well-rounded team in football, and they are still missing various suspended, injured pieces.
BrownsDSame ol' Browns. They've now scored just one touchdown and 16 total points in two games.
BuccaneersFLarge heap of fail. Quarterback Josh Freeman will get benched soon. Coach Greg Schiano might get fired not long after that.
CardinalsBJay Feely kicked four field goals in a win. He's a huge factor in a close game.
ChargersAQuarterback Philip Rivers redeemed himself after a horrible first week, and the Chargers slowed the Eagles' fast pace.
ChiefsAThe defense stifled Tony Romo, and Alex Smith made just enough plays. Second-best story in the NFL, just behind the Broncos.
ColtsC-Andrew Luck basically has very little help around him. The play-calling stinks, too.
CowboysFMaybe the biggest choke job on the weekend. This team has no guts. Dez Bryant with the drops; Tony Romo with the overthrows. Ugly loss.
DolphinsAMike Wallace complained last week and this week got the ball...a lot. Nine catches for 115 yards and a crucial catch late. Miami could be scary.
EaglesD+You mean the Eagles didn't win the Super Bowl after one week? The loss to San Diego made the Washington win look like a fluke.
FalconsB+Julio Jones had 11 catches for 182 yards. A beat-up offense gets a gritty win.
GiantsC-The Giants didn't lose as much as the Broncos were unstoppable. Eli's interceptions are troubling.
Jaguars: (At this point, it's just sad. No jokes. No puckish one-liners. Just a sad face. Just a pure, unmitigated sad face.
JetsC+The defense is the real deal. Geno Smith has talent, but at times he can't throw the ball into the ocean. Dee Milliner, Darrelle Revis' replacement, was benched.
LionsD-Another Lions game, another dumb penalty. This is what they do.
PackersA+++++ESPN stats geeks: Aaron Rodgers became the first player since Y.A. Tittle in 1962 to get 480 yards passing and at least four TDs with no interceptions. Any doubt who the best passer in football is now?
PanthersDHorrible last-minute loss. I'm not so sure the Panthers coaching staff survives the season.
PatriotsB-Tom Brady has no chemistry with his receivers. Plus, many of his receivers can't catch.
RaidersB-They get credit for winning; they lose points for beating the Jaguars.
RamsC+The defense got shredded, but Sam Bradford had 352 yards and three touchdowns.
RavensB-Not pretty, but Joe Flacco and five Ravens sacks saved the day.
RedskinsFPutrid defense. Maybe the worst secondary in all of football.
SaintsA-Just finding ways to win.
SeahawksA+A complete and utter dismantling of a division rival. It doesn't get much better than that.
SteelersCA valiant effort put up by one of the most banged-up teams in football. They just don't have the personnel now.
TexansBGive them credit for beating the surprisingly tough Titans, but kicking woes will haunt them as the season goes. Randy Bullock went 0-of-3 in regulation and missed the game-winner.
TitansB-Hard to give a losing team a fairly high grade, but the result (a last-second loss) in Houston didn't speak to how well the new defense played.
VikingsDThey make it a game, but Christian Ponder throws a pick-six. Time to bench him.