Which Rookie QB Will Have a Better Year: Geno Smith or EJ Manuel?

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Which Rookie QB Will Have a Better Year: Geno Smith or EJ Manuel?
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Geno Smith and EJ Manuel both impressed in their respective NFL debuts in Week 1. Which rookie QB will have a better 2013 season?


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Geno by far will have the best season first of all EJ have more weapons overall the bills only won cause the defense blew the play & even though t...
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Geno throws not one, but two 50+ yard td passes that were money tonight. Ran another in. How did what's his name do?
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HAH is it really legitimate to call this a debate. EJ hands down. He's been better in every way shape and form. He looked far better against the Patri...
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Lol at all the homer duchebag bills fans"" ra ra ra ra hands down bla bla bla EJ" lol at all you toolboxes. .. Hey you know what I know "hands down"? ...
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You guys won against an injury rittled secondary on a blown coverage. Haha you cant say we played like a shit when we have a win over a team that's be...
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