Seahawks Geeks Send 12th Man Flag into Space, and It's Beautiful

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 12, 2013

Seattle Seahawks fans will go to great heights to show love for their team. 

GeekWire brings us a video of something extremely geeky, and we absolutely love it. A few fans wanted to pull off a grand gesture for their favorite football team and launched a 12th Man flag into space. 

You could say they actually went above and beyond for the Seahawks. 

The report gives more details on Chris Peterson, Brent Savell and Ryan Schutt, who together pulled off the rare feat of sending something 90,000 feet into the air. 

As for parts and labor, the three hooked up a GoPro camera to a balloon filled with helium and a parachute that would cushion the blow on the way down. 

As you probably assumed from the video, the three were also careful to include a Pocketfinder GPS locator to make it easier to find their high-flying flag later. 

Nick Eaton of The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has a bit more on the epic showing of fandom, stating the trio traveled from Marysville to Eastern Washington to make it all happen. 

Peterson explained the impetus behind the launch. "We wanted something to do over the weekend and came up with the idea of sending up a 12th Man flag into space to show our Seahawks pride and to show that the Seattle Seahawks have the best fans in the NFL."

As for the particulars, the flag made it 90,000 feet into the sky. Incidentally, the report points out that isn't quite high enough to be considered "space" for you sticklers. We say this is still truly awesome. 

When the flag reached its apex, the balloon popped and sent the entire creation to the ground. It took the crew four hours and 50 miles to finally track it down, where they described it laid in a wheat field near Ritzville. 

All of this came from boredom and a love of a football team. Here we are watching reruns on TV, and these guys are crafting cool flying objects and generally getting things done. 

We will hold off calling Seahawks fans the best in the NFL, but I can't help but doff my cap to the most amazing geeks in sports. 


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