Report: John Cena to Return to WWE Television Next Month?

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IISeptember 12, 2013

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WWE’s real life Superman John Cena recently underwent surgery on his left elbow, but may be returning to programming next month.

Cena previously returned to action from neck surgery freakishly quick, but a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via states that he’d only be returning for Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

While John Cena won’t be able to wrestle until around Royal Rumble time, there is already talk of bringing him back to WWE TV in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Cena wants to start making appearances for the company to help with their big Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. Cena’s rehab for his injuries will be one of the storylines for the second half of this Total Divas season also.

The idea of Cena returning strictly for the purpose of promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month may sound a little unexciting on paper, but it’s hard to imagine him returning and not interacting with the McMahon’s in their massive storyline.

The Leader of the Cenation has proved that he’s more than capable of cutting powerful promos, and the WWE would certainly use him to get Triple H more heat, similar to how Edge was used on Raw.

However, it’s possible that John returning next month could make his eventual in-ring return a little less exciting.

 An extended absence is exactly what his character needed, and if he’s around for the month of October it may feel like he barely left at all.

Still, it’s possible that the WWE could find a way to have him promote Breast Cancer Awareness and involve him in the McMahon family storyline in such a way that makes his eventual return all the more must see.