FIFA 14: Highlighting the Most Exciting New Features in This Year's Game

Patrick ClarkeCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2013

Credit: EA Sports
Credit: EA Sports

For diehard football fans, dedicated gamers or both, FIFA 14 is sure to thrill thanks to a handful of exciting new features, including several noticeable gameplay enhancements.

Whether you're looking to dominate possession and control the pace through midfield or prefer to drop the ball in to a striker and fire away, the improvements to gameplay in FIFA 14 are sure to catch your eye.

Below, we'll take a closer look at the most exciting new features gamers should be on the lookout for in this year's edition of FIFA.


Pure Shot

Shooting and scoring should look and feel better than ever in FIFA 14 thanks to the new Pure Shot feature, which is combined with Real Ball Physics to make goalscoring more realistic. 

Not only will the ball move like it does in real life in FIFA 14, but players will approach each shot differently, taking better angles or changing up their stride in order to strike the ball cleanly and effectively.

Players will always attempt to set up the best shot possible. So if you're launching a shot from 40 yards out like @OfficialMgh on Twitter, you can expect your player to crack the ball with the necessary power:

Plus, with the new and improved ball physics, users can strike a variety of different shots with varying flight paths and trajectory. 


Protect the Ball

The new Protect the Ball gameplay feature should make for a much more realistic experience while playing in midfield in FIFA 14.

Protect the Ball will allow players to fight off and block opponents from gaining possession while moving in any direction at any speed. Users will notice that they are able to control their players like never before, using their body to seal off defenders or keep them at bay before making a crucial pass.

The new mechanic will also allow users to fight for position on the pitch and clear space to receive passes in key areas, specifically around the box. 

In the end, this feature is all about providing users with the opportunity to dictate and create tempo in midfield, an addition that should make this year's edition play true to life. 


Precision Movement

Another exciting new gameplay feature that is sure to make FIFA 14 look and feel even more realistic is Precision Movement, which will allow players to cut and plant as if they would in real life.

When changing directions, players will have to take a step or two and adjust their momentum.

Users will also notice the changes when accelerating and decelerating with a certain player. Users will feel a burst of acceleration before cranking their players up to maximum speed.

Players will also be able to turn in any direction in FIFA 14 so long as they take the necessary steps.


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