Ranking DeMarcus Cousins' Best Dunks of the 2012-13 Season

Benjy Egel@@BenjyEgelCorrespondent IISeptember 12, 2013

Ranking DeMarcus Cousins' Best Dunks of the 2012-13 Season

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    Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins made a name for himself among NBA big men last season with his thunderous slam dunks.

    Cousins' powerful slams contrast with legendary Kings like Spud Webb and Gerald Wallace, who mostly threw down aesthetic beauties.

    The fourth-year big man dominated the Kings' highlight reel in 2012-13 while averaging 17.1 points and 9.9 rebounds per game.

6. Udonis Haslem, January 12

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    LeBron James finished second in Defensive Player of the Year voting last season. Udonis Haslem had a 103 Defensive Rating. And neither could stop Cousins on his way to the basket.

    If Cousins had tried to dunk on the near side of the basket, Haslem would've had a decent angle to block him. When Cousins reached around to the far side, Haslem came up short and sent him to the charity stripe for one more.

5. Hamed Haddadi, December 17

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    To be fair, Hamed Haddadi is slowly turning into this generation's Shawn Bradley. He's a rail-thin giant who gets dunked on by everyone.

    Haddadi just threw his hands up and backpedalled while DMC rose up over him. Props to Cousins for dunking on a 7'2" player, but Haddadi's defense was terrible.

4. Derrick Favors, November 24

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    At 6'11" and 270 pounds, Cousins is strong enough to back nearly any player down. Utah Jazz power forward Derrick Favors was his unfortunate victim in this early-season matchup.

    For every ill-advised 20-foot jumper Cousins takes, there are ten cases of him relentlessly bulldozing opponents in the low post. If Shaquille O'Neal follows through on coaching Cousins, he could be unstoppable.

    It's water under the bridge now, but seeing Gavin Maloof courtside at 0:09 just feels weird after the whole Seattle affair.

3. Bernard James, January 10

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    Welcome to the NBA, rook.

    Cousins bumped James under the basket and onto the baseline, then threw down before help defender Jae Crowder could get over. DMC dropped 29 points on the Dallas Mavericks in the Kings' 117-112 loss.

    James averaged 2.9 blocks per 36 minutes, and was the Mavericks' defensive enforcer against the New Orleans Hornets on February 22. The former Air Force staff sergeant has dealt with bigger issues than getting humiliated by Cousins.

2. Danny Green, November 9

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    Before Danny Green lit up the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, he was picked off and posterized by Cousins, who drew the foul to boot.

    Basketball pundits have oohed and ahhed over Cousins' handles for years. Kings fans cringe every time he tries to play point guard in a half-court offense, but he can move the ball in the open floor.

    Cousins' 7'6" wingspan allowed him to take off from the free-throw circle, extend over Green and slam the ball home with authority.

1. Anthony Randolph, March 23

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    I remember watching this play live and thinking, "Wow. DeMarcus could really be the best center in the NBA some day."

    He leapt forward to catch Isaiah Thomas' pass, a simple but essential move to avoid JaVale McGee's long arms.

    Kudos to Randolph for trying to draw the charge when Cousins outweighs him by 45 pounds. His head whipped back like he was in a car accident as Cousins smashed him into the ground. 

    How powerful of a dunk was it? Even Marcus Thornton got excited.