How Far Dolph Ziggler Has Fallen in Short Amount of Time

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistSeptember 11, 2013

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Dolph Ziggler is getting buried and it couldn't come at a worse time.

I'm critical of people who use of the term “buried” in wrestling. It often gets used too much at the wrong times. But as the reverend of reality, I can tell you Ziggler is choking on dirt.

Too often people think someone is being buried when they lose several matches in a row. That doesn't constitute burial. A wrestler being buried is when they continue to lose or be presented unfavorably and with no progression to a storyline.

An example with Ziggler would be when he was racking up losses leading up to before he cashed in Money in the Bank. He wasn't being buried as some thought. He was losing to make it a bigger deal and surprise when he turns around and capitalizes on the ultimate opportunity.

Ziggler's current booking doesn't have a happy ending coming soon.

With John Cena out, the time is now for all babyfaces to move up the ladder. This is an ideal time for someone like Ziggler to be relied upon as a top guy. Unfortunately, WWE isn't going to let that happen for some reason.

For either comments he's made publicly, privately in the political backstage. Comments his recently released brother have made about head NXT trainer Bill DeMott or some combination of all the above. Ziggler is paying a price.

He's always stood out for the way he carries his character. Using the word “heel” on his ring attire and Twitter handle. An inside industry term WWE didn't commonly like used or endorsed on public platforms.

He frequently appeared on Zack Ryder's YouTube show cutting intense promos in a feud on the weekly series with the host. A show that doesn't exist anymore and a host that doesn't seem to either in the eyes of WWE management.

Ziggler's Twitter bio reads: “stand up comic. i wrestle to pay the bills. oh & former WWE World Heavyweight Champion (again) whatevs.”

This is real talk. Him not happy that just five months after setting the wrestling world on fire with his Money in the Bank cash in and popularity, he's now nowhere near the World Heavyweight Championship title picture.

He wears his opinions on his sleeve. His ability to be unique and himself has caused fans to gravitate to him. That, and he's really good in the ring. Those qualities that are attractive to fans can also be a dangerous attribute in a corporate world of tell the bosses what they want to hear.

Is Ziggler's career over? No. Is he being punished? It would seem so and that can go on until managements attention gets diverted elsewhere.

Cheer up Ziggler fans. Hope can never be completely gone as long as Ziggler is with the company. A guy named Hunter Hearst Helmsley had to pay penance for a year in 1996 for what his buddies did on the way out the door.

He bounced back.