The B/R Sports Fan Hall of Shame

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The B/R Sports Fan Hall of Shame

Shame—it's not what separates us from the animals.

Even dogs feel shame, and if a boxer mix can feel a twinge of guilt after shredding your garbage, why can't some sports fans understand why it's wrong to sling half-pound batteries at professional athletes?

We're all in this together, after all—fans enjoying the ups and downs of a sport we've made part of our lives. But imperfect we are, and with that imperfection comes thick-headed decisions and violent, knee-jerk reactions.

Consider this slideshow a display case for those moments. It's not a place of glory, rather a hall of infamy for the most shameful and embarrassing fan moments in sports history. Some are stupid and hair-brained stunts, while others are vile acts of senseless aggression and cruelty—and none of them represent their teams well.

Just go—head into the Sports Fan Hall of Shame. I can't even look at you right now.

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