My Analysis of the Chicago Bears' 2009 Season, Part III

Chris RaslenContributor IJanuary 17, 2017

11/15/2009 @ San Francisco 49ers (on NFL Network)

This is the game I'm most worried about, and for obvious reasons. If a you're a Bears fan and don't have the NFL Network, this game should be the prime reason you should subscribe.

I'll start with the simple fact that the 49ers' new head coach, and former Bear great, is Mike Singletary. Ever since "The Samurai" took over Mike Nolan, the 49ers have positively progressed.

In the 2008 season, Mike Nolan went 2-5 when he was released. Mike came in and lead the team to 5-4 (could've been 6-3, because they should have won against Arizona). Plus, unlike Nolan, the 49ers team respect him (that's including Vernon Davis) and trust him. Mike's appearance on primetime against his former team will mean a lot to him, and his players would like nothing more but get a win against the Bears.

If you look at the offense, they look pretty dangerous. Yes, the QB situation is in limbo but Mike stated that it will be solved by game one.

All-Pro running back Frank Gore can now  achieve his 2006 success again as Mike now wants to run the ball more (he proved it by getting rid of pass-happy Mike Martz). Issac Bruce has plenty of gas left in the tank and could have a big season, now that rookie Micheal Crabtree is on the other side. The offensive line will be anchored by LT Joe Staley and former Steeler Marvel Smith.

Defensively, for the past two seasons, it was all Patrick Willis. Coached by Mike himself, he is now becoming a premier linebacker in the league. The outside LBs are in question though. The 49ers secondary is often overlooked but are a stellar group. Nate Clements, Micheal Lewis, and Walt Harris are getting up ther in age but can still produce in a high level.

Overall, the Bears know the significance of this game, and it will be a close one. Let's hope the Bears team starts clicking, if they had not already for this game.

11/22/2009-Philadelphia Eagles

We can say we won this offseason, but we would really just be lying to ourselves. Honestly, the Eagles did well in free agency by acquiring Stacy Andrews and Jason Peters via trade and getting Leonard Weaver and Ellis Hobbs. But the Eagles shined during the draft by picking up Jeremy Maclin, LeShon McCoy, and Cornelius Ingram. By looking at the roster, they are already the team to beat in the NFC East.

Brian Dawkins' departure will be sorely missed by Philadelphia due to him being the emotional leader of the defense for years. The Eagles defense looks stout on paper, but who will now rise to be "that" leader.

Donovan McNabb loves Chicago, but he hates playing the Bears. The last two seasons, the Bears have beaten them by a smudge (Griese's two minute drill in '07 and goal-line stand in '08), but each year the Eagles get better. It won't be easy for the Bears to get a win, even if it is at home. Can the Bears pull of a three-peat? It's possible.


11/29/2009 @ Minnesota Vikings

I can't believe we have to wait 'til week 12 to finally play the reigning NFC North champs, but better now then later. With the QB problem still up in air, the Vikings are still a dangerous team. Adrian Peterson is the new Barry Sanders of this division, so it will be no question that our defense will look out for him.

The Williams Wall-StarCaps issue will be resolved by this time, so it won't affect this game. Yeah, Percy Harvin has a attitude problem, but there's no question that he can produce on the field.

The statement "The Vikings are a QB away from SB contention" is actually true. The Viking defense is stellar and the tandem of AP and Chester Taylor are top-notch. Bernard Berrian is a good deep threat and will get better production with Harvin with him. If Rosenfells/Jackson can just manage the game, then the Vikings can get to the SB in due time.

If I were the Bears, I would watch our last game against them as they dashed away with the division title. If that doesn't put a fire under all the Bears players' you-know-what, then they shouldn't be playing in this game.

12/6/2009-St. Louis Rams

It is a coming home party for Orlando Pace. A Bears win is almost in the books for this one. The Rams, like the Browns, are a rebuilding team. They have weapons but they can't replace what Holt has done for them. The Rams' defense may be a bit better now that defensive guru Steve Spagnoulo is head coach, but completely changing this team now from what they have been in the past season will not be easy.

It will take a couple seasons for the Rams to come around as a quality team, but it will be very, very surprising if the Bears lost this one.