Rex Ryan Once Proclaimed He Would Punch Bill Belichick to Motivate His Players

Gabe ZaldivarSenior Writer IIApril 3, 2017

With the New York Jets set to battle the New England Patriots on Thursday, let's celebrate that fact by reminding you about the time Rex Ryan proclaimed he was about to punch Bill Belichick in the face. 

Oh, you don't know that one.'s Dan Hanzus delivers a charming tale told by former Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson as relayed on NFL Network's NFL Total Access:

We were playing the Patriots one time, and as I mentioned, Rex is a master motivator...It was going to be a big game, a heated rivalry game, and Rex got in front of us, he said, "I'm going to set the tempo today, guys," he said, "I'm going to set the tempo when I meet Bill Belichick in the center of the field, I'm gonna start it off and punch him in the face." I loved it.

As Tomlinson continues, this was just one way Ryan liked to motivate his players while also keeping the mood light and loose before a big game:

He was motivating his guys and he wanted to jump it off...Our coach showed confidence that he has in us (and) in himself. He can be joking and lighten the mood at the same time while being serious about the competition.

You really have to love Rex Ryan stories. Whether it be fetish allegations or hilarious tattoos of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey, you know an unforgettable story isn't far away. 

So often we get lame tales recounting how coaches work hard, stay late in the office and...yawn. At least with Rexy you have something that will last far longer than this tenure with the Jets. 

Tomlinson played for the Jets in 2010 and 2011, and the team was 2-3 against their archrival during that time. Tomlinson mentioned that the Jets "won [the game]," so this is where deductive reasoning comes into play.

But that is hardly the point. As we head deeper into the 2013 campaign, the Jets coach is met with the usual amount of scrutiny and pressure surrounding his team and his job security. 

You can never question his dedication, the affinity his players have for him or his ability to keep things truly entertaining. 

But definitely keep an eye out for any midfield shenanigans this Thursday.


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