WWE Main Event Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Analysis from September 11

Maxwell Ogden@MaxwellOgdenCorrespondent IIISeptember 11, 2013

via WWE.com
via WWE.com

With Wednesday's arrival, WWE presents Main Event has taken center stage in the professional wrestling world. With some of the industry's biggest names in action, contending tag teams and rising stars all looked to advance their respective careers with an impact win.

Here's how it all transpired in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Quick results

  • Kofi Kingston defeated Antonio Cesaro via SOS.
  • The Prime Time Players defeated Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal of Three Man Band via pinfall. Tensai and Brodus Clay were on commentary for the match.
  • Big E Langston defeated R-Truth via Big Ending.


Kofi Kingston defeated Antonio Cesaro

Since returning to the WWE, Kofi Kingston has received his same-old confusing semi-push. Since joining forces with Zeb Colter, Antonio Cesaro has undergone one of the most senseless burials in the recent history of WWE.

Just when a win over Dolph Ziggler displayed promise, Cesaro has lost consecutive matches to Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston. At least one quality Superstar gained momentum here.

Kingston used the SOS to take down the Swiss superstar, capping off a series of high-risk maneuvers to overwhelm the technical tactician. In doing so, Kingston primed himself for a potential run at the intercontinental title—or something bigger.

A win over Cesaro certainly helps elevate his status.

Highlight of the match: Cesaro pulled off a big swing that lasted roughly 30 seconds.

Losing to Kingston is hardly disappointing, as The Wildcat has earned 10 total title reigns with the WWE Intercontinental, United States, Tag Team and World Tag Team belts. With that being said, Cesaro is doing more on NXT with Sami Zayn than he is on the main roster.

Mountains of charisma, unbelievable power and pure technical brilliance, and this is what WWE comes up with for Cesaro?

My personal anger aside, it makes sense for WWE to put Kingston over here, as he owns two consecutive victories against intercontinental champion Curtis Axel. To have him lose his first match since earning that winning streak would be quite counterproductive, which explains this win.

It's just a shame that this win had to come at Cesaro's expense.


The Prime Time Players defeated 3MB

The Prime Time Players continue to shine after experiencing months of recognition as WWE's resident tag team jobbers. After dominating The Real Americans, Cesaro and Jack Swagger, for weeks on end, Darren Young and Titus O'Neil are now setting their sights on new opponents.

This week, it was a win over Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal of Three Man Band that pushed them one step closer to the WWE Tag Team titles.

Mahal and Slater have replaced O'Neil and Young as the quintessential pushovers of WWE's tag team division. Outside of the tag team ranks, Three Man Band has even been losing handicap matches, as it put over everyone from Big Show to Kane.

On Main Event, the trio suffered a major setback, and the Prime Time Players took a huge step forward on the road to Tag Team Turmoil.

Night of Champions is shaping up to be quite the memorable event.

O'Neil and Young have become two of the most popular wrestlers in WWE today. Their larger-than-life personalities are infectious, and the improvements they've made as wrestlers are unparalleled after spending much of their careers as "upside" guys who hadn't panned out.

Now, the Prime Time Players are on fire and can't seem to be slowed down.


Big E Langston defeated R-Truth

Big E Langston is one of the most popular wrestlers NXT has ever produced, as fans of the show have no qualms about showing their support. On the WWE main roster, however, Langston has been used as a lackey and thus been limited in his in-ring time.

On Main Event, Langston put an end to that trend by defeating R-Truth via the Big Ending, receiving a surprisingly warm response via the crowd in Ottawa.

Langston is one of the most athletically gifted Superstars in the wrestling industry, pairing a massive build with an explosive burst both vertically and horizontally. Combined with constantly improving mic skills, Langston could be the next big thing in WWE.

All it takes is a few wins like this to get the ball rolling.

As for R-Truth, he's seen a strange month in WWE, defeating Damien Sandow and Drew McIntyre before losing consecutive matches. The win over Sandow seemed to be a launching pad, but instead, it was just means to give him an opportunity to lose to the World Heavyweight champion.

Now, R-Truth is losing to up-and-coming talent.

The hope here should be that Langston receives a push now that he's been removed from Dolph Ziggler's shadow. His combination of power, charisma and athleticism is enough to get him over with any crowd, and if given the right storyline, he could blow up.

The only question is whether or not WWE will permit him that opportunity.