Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor Uses Pit Bull as Training Partner

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Warning: Do not attempt to armbar a pit bull. They're not all as relaxed as this one.

It started with Kung Fu Panda, but the art of self-defense has taken the next logical step: Pooch Jitsu.

One man is leading the charge into this brave new world of martial arts, and that man is Brazilian jiu jitsu advocate Gene Cook Jr.

Cook Jr. recently released an instructional video with his pitbull, Koa, showing viewers some simple ways to defeat their opponents in a Brazilian jiu jitsu match. Footage of the demonstration was picked up by Leo of Next Impulse Sports, and it’s absolutely adorable.

Dressed up in karate gis, Koa and his master go through a series of submissions, holds and armbar techniques—because that’s how they play in their house. Before they begin, however, Cook Jr. tells his viewers to know one important thing.

“One of the fundamental principals of jiu jitsu is never be intimidated by the way your partner looks.”

Translation: “I will not fear this dog’s ability to bite down onto my party favors and never let go.”

On the contrary, Koa seems a very happy and willing demonstration partner. Who knew a pit bull would look this adorable in a grappling position?

Image via Gene Cook Jr.

Also, notice Cook Jr. complimenting his dog. He congratulates Koa on a “good hip-escape” from an armbar. That's just beautiful.

For those of you who might be worrying about the dog, my first observation is that the routine doesn’t appear to be violent in any way. Koa seems to enjoy the attention.

A Twitter account appearing to belong to Cook Jr. claims he is a teacher and a dog breeder in addition to a “BJJ Practicioner.”

In other words, he seems to be a guy who cares about his doggies. Remember, this is the man who made a karate outfit for a canine. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.


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