Scott Sinclair's Ex-Girlfriend Helen Flanagan Goes Topless Amid Romance Rumours

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Scott Sinclair's Ex-Girlfriend Helen Flanagan Goes Topless Amid Romance Rumours
Photo Credit: The Daily Mail

Scott Sinclair and Helen Flanagan may or may not be an item once again.

What is evident is the lovely former girlfriend of the Manchester City player took her top off for a recent Sun Page 3 photoshoot

The Huffington Post reports the 23-year-old, who is best known as Rosie Webster on ITV's Coronation Street, decided to go topless for The Sun

While the above link keeps the NSFW pictures behind a paywall, the images are readily available throughout the Internet. 

The star even posted a far more tame version to her Instagram account with the caption, "Today's Sun #idoitmyway beautiful photography by the talented @rosie_hardyy#arty#creative#everypicturetellsastory x"

Photo Credit: Helen Flanagan Instagram

The decision to go topless comes on the heels of rumours that Ms. Flanagan may once again have tiptoed into the sports world by rekindling her romance with Sinclair.

The City winger, currently on loan to West Bromwich Albion to start the 2013 campaign, was spotted by The Daily Mail coming out of a hotel with his former girlfriend. 

She's been vocal about the fact that she is keen to give her four-year romance with footballer Scott Sinclair another shot. 

And it would appear that Helen Flanagan's wishes have been granted if new photographs of the couple attempting to sneak out of a hotel together are anything to go by.

David Rogers/Getty Images

And with that, we have nothing more than pure speculation and romantic rumour.

As the report reminds us, the couple split back in June when Sinclair was hit with allegations he was sending texts to another woman. 

We might give another win to time and patience because the report cites a Sun reporter who heard the following from one of their sources: 

'Helen and Scott have decided to give it another go. Living apart has made them realise how much they miss each other.

'Scott is really trying to make it up to Helen—he turned up at her birthday party and made Helen's night.'

Again, we have no real confirmation that Sinclair is once again seeing Flanagan in a romantic light. The only thing that's certain is Flanagan has given the world a glimpse and is quite proud of that decision. 

This concludes the latest edition of "these footballers have it all."

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