Who has the Best Chance of Winning Triple Crown?

Walker DavidsonCorrespondent IMay 16, 2009

ANAHEIM, CA - MAY 8: Howie Kendrick #47 of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim hits a two RBI inside the park home run in the sixth inning against the Kansas City Royals on May 8, 2009 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California.   (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

According to MLB.com there are two or three players up for the Triple Crown.

My hometown hero Grienke has told me personally that he hates batters that have the Triple Crown. He said “They’re just cocky little son of a guns that think they can hit anything." Now that his year is coming I am staring to believe this more and more. Then I replied “What the heck are you talking about.” He then explained “The easiest way to win the Triple Crown is home runs. No one has ever hit a home run off my slider!” (When he was in college).

Back to the topic, many people can hit a home run but part of the Triple Crown is batting average. Really if you hit a home run here and there and get on base a lot it, you have better chance than someone who hit home runs or strikes out. If the slugging average is your problem get on base and hit home runs and that problem is taken care of.

This really sums up the whole idea of Who Dat Winnin De Triple Crown?