Rivalries: What Sports Are All About!

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst IApril 14, 2008

In recent memory, both teams have played well and competed for the playoffs and world series championships, so it's easy to hype this up. However, ever since the sale of Babe Ruth, these two fan bases have not been to fond of each other. Of course, with the Internet and media frenzy of the 90's, the rivalry has been escalated, but it has always been there.

So, this past weekend, I noticed so many sports fans on message boards that I visit claiming they will be avoiding ESPN at all costs because of all the coverage the Yankees/Red Sox match up will be getting. This seems very odd to me.

I am a Penn State alum and die hard football fan. I look forward to the weekend of the Ohio State/Michigan game, despite them being two of my most hated teams. I feel that match up represents what sports is all about. The passion, the pride, the excitement leading up to the game is almost, if not more fun then the game it self. I envy what Ohio State and Michigan fans get to experience that weekend every year. I do not get that with Penn State as they do not have that one hated rival, ever since joining the Big Ten in 1993. Do all these fans who will be avoiding ESPN during Yankees/Red Sox series' envy that feeling as well?
Sports is all about the competition and the drama. Competition is a given, but drama is an added dimension that adds intrigue. Not all match ups can bring that. Those that do are something that this sports fan does not avoid.

In my opinion, a baseball fan should embrace the weekends that see the Red Sox matched up against the Yankees. Those are the ultimate baseball weekends, and sports weekend as a whole, for all fans.