New York Mets: Blazin' Amazins

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIMay 16, 2009

NEW YORK - MAY 13:  Francisco Rodriguez #75 of the New York Mets reacts after striking out Jeff Francoeur (not pictured) of the Atlanta Braves for the final out of the ninth inning on May 13, 2009 at Citi Field in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

These last few weeks have been great ones for the New York Mets and their fans.  The Metropolitan's have won 10 of their last 12. 

Many say the team is on fire.  That is true, but individual Mets are on fire, too.  With that, as of now, the New York Mets are the "Blazin' Amazins."

We all know that can change in just one game, but with the Mets performance now, they truly live up to their new name.  Some of the biggest names of the Mets have been Blazin' along, players such as Carlos Beltran, David Wright, Johan Santana, and Frankie Rodriguez.  Those are just the red hot ones, but everybody else is hot. Not red hot, but hot.  That's still great.

Carlos Beltran came out of the gate red hot, maybe he should've said his famous quote that "The Mets are the team to beat" this year, not last year. 

We all know what happened last year.  Beltran is currently hitting 370.  He also has six HRs and 25 RBI.  If the season ended today, Beltran would no doubt be a serious contender in the NL MVP race.  The only problem that people find with Beltran is his leadership in the clubhouse.  Many people say that he is too quiet and he needs to be more like a Jose Reyes, not too crazy, but able to pump his teammates up. 

I have no problem with what Beltran's doing.  His hitting is what's pumping up his teammates, you really can't ask for much else when somebody is batting 370.  Carlos, keep doing what you're doing.

Another big piece to the Mets' hot run is third basemen, David Wright.  Wright came out of the gate looking a little sluggish.  Wright's so good that when he's doing bad he's still batting over 300.  That's what Wright had been doing.  Now, Wright has officially turned it on.  He's batting over 400 in the Mets recent hot streak. 

Johan Santana is up to his usual.  He has been totally dominating opposing batters.  He has an 0.78 ERA, and opposing batters are hitting a mere 185 against him.  If the season ended today, Johan Santana would definitely be the NL Cy Young winner.  Too bad that Royals guy, Zack Grienke, isn't in the NL. It would be fun to see who falters first and who gets the Cy Young.

Last year, the Mets' bullpen was one of the worst parts of the team, if not the worst part of the team.  The numbers for the bullpen are atrocious and I'm not going to bother posting them. I'll explain them in one word—horrible.  This year, it has been a totally different case.  Led by new closer Francisco Rodriguez, the Mets bullpen has been lights out.

Rodriguez, is 11-for-11 in save opportunities.  I wonder how Brad Lidge likes that, he's got nothing on K-Rod.  Other than K-Rod, there are some great relievers in the Mets' bullpen. 

JJ Putz is doing pretty good and Mets fans hope he will be doing better after his bone spur is fixed up.  My two favorites in the Mets' bullpen not named Francisco Rodriguez and JJ Putz are youngster Bobby Parnell and Brian Stokes. 

Despite Parnell's recent tough outing he has been lights out along with Stokes, who had allowed only one earned run in 16 innings pitched.  That's the type of pitching that gets you an 0.56 ERA.

There's one more thing hotter than the sun on this Mets team. 

The saying, "you can't win without pitching" is very true, and the Mets demonstrated that early in the season.  Early in the season, the Mets' pitching rotation was pure garbage except for Johan Santana and Livan Hernandez.

The three biggest pitching keys for the Mets this season, John Maine, Mike Pelfrey, and Oliver Perez, all got off to bad starts.  Two of the three bounced back.  Maine and  Pelfrey bounced back nicely.  Perez, not so much.  Perez, is currently on the DL, and all Mets fans are hoping that he can turn it around when he comes back.

From now on, when the Mets are hot, they will be known as, the Blazin' Amazins.  Hey, "New York Post", beat that.