Immediate Hurdles the Philadelphia 76ers Will Face This Season

Zachary Arthur@Zach_ArthurSLCCorrespondent IISeptember 11, 2013

Carter-Williams' transition to the NBA will be tough.
Carter-Williams' transition to the NBA will be tough.Nick Laham/Getty Images

It only makes sense to talk about some of the Philadelphia 76ers' more immediate hurdles since the 2013-14 season is looking like it will be a painful one.

It's rare for a team's future to look so bright, all while currently being below the bottom of nearly every other NBA team.

That just happens to be Philadelphia for you.

While some organizations come out of the gate struggling, it looks like the Sixers might actually stay in the starting gates for a little bit.

Here are a couple of reasons why.


Brett Brown's Introduction to Head Coaching

You can call Brett Brown beginning his journey as a head coach more of an elevated step instead of a hurdle.

Brown's coaching career has taken him from international basketball to an assistant in the NBA, and his last job has him extremely prepared for what will come as a head coach. He was hired as the San Antonio Spurs' director of player personnel in 2002, then later promoted to assistant coach in 2007. Being a part of an organization with as much success as the Spurs will definitely have made an impact on Brown.

Learning from one of the brightest basketball minds in Gregg Popovich doesn't hurt either.

Earning his team's respect will be the most important part of Brown's first few months with the Sixers. If Philadelphia wants to turn into one of the league's best teams down the road, then it will start with respect.

It's all about learning the little things from there.

Brown isn't new to the coaching world. He has also been a part of a championship-caliber organization for the past 11 years.

There will be some rough spots, but he should adjust relatively quickly.

Hence why this is only a minor speed bump for the Sixers. 


Lack of Depth

Let's take a look at some Sixers who will potentially be coming off the bench at the start of the season.

Players like Lavoy Allen, Arnett Moultrie, Tony Wroten and Tim Ohlbrecht should be on the pine as the year begins. You can read the names once, twice or a million times, but the Sixers have to have one of the worst second units in all of the NBA.

Yes, in all of the NBA.

Some of these players might have the talent to succeed, but none of them have proven that they can do it on a consistent basis.

Unless there's a new surgery on the market, everybody on the Sixers is a human being. Getting tired is a part of being human, and Philadelphia will be forced to play more than its starting five for 48 minutes.

Unfortunately, the players coming in won't be of much help to the team.


Inexperience at Point Guard

Transitioning from an All-Star point guard in Jrue Holiday to an unproven rookie in Michael Carter-Williams will certainly be a monster hurdle for the Sixers.

Holiday had his bad games, but he knew what he was doing on the court. Averaging 17.7 points, 8.0 assists and 4.2 rebounds per game doesn't just happen on accident. He was making the transition from talented player to talented leader.

And he did it all at the age of 22.

Philadelphia went from having him, to trying to break Carter-Williams into the league and prove he has what it takes to be an above-average point guard. The Sixers don't need him to be the team's best player, they just need him to be the team's most consistent.

Consistency doesn't happen to be one of Carter-Williams' strengths, though. He led the Orlando Pro Summer League in turnovers while finishing second in assists per game. It's difficult to have a long and successful career with high numbers in both of those categories.

The weight of the team will be on Carter-Williams' shoulders. There are other, more talented players on the team, but none of them are point guards.

Getting over this hurdle could take all season.

It will be more than worth it if he ends up making it happen.


A Potential Lack of Support

Don't be surprised if the Sixers have one of their worst years in recent memory. They lack the talent, depth and experience necessary to really string together a good season.

You also shouldn't be surprised that new general manager Sam Hinkie is doing it on purpose. Anybody skeptical to this thinking should look at what took place during the 2013 offseason. Philadelphia traded away its most talented player in Holiday and didn't even bother trying to re-sign Andrew Bynum.

The reason for wanting to have such a bad year falls directly on the 2014 draft class. People believe that it could be one of the all-time best draft classes. Players like Andrew Wiggins, Julius Randle and Jabari Parker have NBA personnel wanting to hit the fast-forward button.

Any of the top five to seven picks could be franchise-changers.

This incredible talent coming into the league is why there could be a lack of support for the Sixers. It sounds bad, but Philadelphia fans want to see the team lose.

Going on a six-game losing streak won't be anything to be sad about. In fact, those kinds of negative runs will be exactly what most fans are hoping for.

Playing in front of a crowd who wants to see you lose could end up being one of the bigger hurdles Philly faces all season.


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