One Direction Singer Trucked in Charity Match; Vomiting and Death Threats Ensue

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 10, 2013

A charity soccer match took an ugly turn when a real player took out a pop singer on the pitch Sunday. For the Win (via the Guardian) brings us this video that proves the most polarizing things in the sports world are usually the stupidest.

In a recent charity friendly thrown by Stiliyan Petrov—a football player who retired from the game because of his battle with acute leukemia—Aston Villa striker Gabriel Agbonlahor went to dispossess One Direction star Louis Tomlinson, and knocked him to the ground.

As you watch Agbonlahor take out Tomlinson with a hard but hardly egregious tackle, you will either cheer or boo with ferocity. I'm just upset we had to watch a few seconds of a charity match to see a tackle that didn't result in a flop.

The singer left the pitch to puke, which is when the footballer was hit with death threats from fans of the boy band.

The Daily Mail reports Agbonlahor enjoyed this kind of filth after the match: "@gabby_10 This guy hurt Louis knee. I shall hurt your face. I better hear that you apologized or I will find you, and I will kill you."

Ah, there's nothing like a complete overreaction to warm your heart and remind you that people can indeed be the worst. You really have to love the logic that a hurt knee demands the ultimate price be paid. 

As FTW notes, the two exchanged pleasantries and are doing just fine after the match. This really could have been just an unfortunate hit but instead resulted in fans wishing the ultimate of tragedies on Agbonlahor.

Martin O'Neill served as manager of the day for Tomlinson's side and offered this assessment of the young man after getting rocked to the ground (via the BBC):

Agbonlahor smashed into him and he picked himself up and then was ill in the dressing-room area, but he's not too bad now I think.

He had to rush off, but I think he's fine.

He doesn't know where he is, but he's fine. He was genuinely ill, but he's OK now.

Remind me never to play football in Europe, because they take "rub some dirt on it" to a whole new level. Let's hope a vomiting and confused Tomlinson got some medical attention.

Now, the hit didn't look vicious compared to what we normally find during the season, but his symptoms have me worried. Then again, you don't need to know how many fingers someone is holding up to sing, so we move on.

Let this serve as a friendly reminder that death threats are never warranted, especially after a charity match that had so much goodwill surrounding it. 


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