WWE Night of Champions 2013: Unbooked Stars Who Will Make Massive Impact

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IISeptember 12, 2013

Night of Champions has been coined a "Big Epic Night" by WWE. Photo: WWE Youtube Channel
Night of Champions has been coined a "Big Epic Night" by WWE. Photo: WWE Youtube Channel

With all of the controversy and wonder surrounding the WWE's rekindled corporation storyline, WWE's Night of Champions pay-per-view on Sunday brings with it an exceptional amount of intrigue. What titles will change hands? Will Triple H play a role? Why the heck is 3MB in the tag team turmoil match? 

However, the most interesting aspect of Night of Champions isn't necessarily the Superstars and Divas on the card. The most intriguing part of Night of Champions is the Superstars and Divas who have gone unbooked who have the opportunity to play major roles in the program, specifically in Triple H's new corporation storyline. 

Here are a few names who haven't been given a match yet could very well make their presence felt at WWE's Night of Champions. 


Big Show

Over the past few weeks, Big Show has effectively had his name dragged through the mud while being forced to do Triple H's bidding. As Night of Champions rolls through Detroit on Sunday, Big Show still hasn't fully chosen a side in the whole situation. 

Will he defend Daniel Bryan and deny Triple H and his new corporation, or will he accept a new heel turn and join the corporation as its resident monster? 

We'll most likely find out on Sunday. 

Big Show hasn't been given a match for Sunday, and barring any major surprises, he won't get one. What he most likely will get, however, is an opportunity during the WWE Championship match to prove his allegiance one way or the other.

The possibility of Big Show getting called by Triple H to help Orton secure a victory is very likely. Big Show's character essentially has an opportunity to decide which Superstar will leave Night of Champions with WWE's most illustrious championship.

That's a pretty big deal.  



According to reports from WWE.com, Christian has been sidelined with a concussion after a match against Randy Orton. Unlike other WWE.com injury reports that act as excuses for Superstars and Divas to go on vacation, this one is actually true. Christian has been concussed. 

Still recovering from the concussion, Christian hasn't been cleared for in-ring action yet, but the last Raw showed that the WWE isn't scared to find a way to use the Superstar, even if he can't go in the ring. On the latest installment of Raw, Captain Charisma was carried onto the stage after supposedly being beat down by The Shield during the "Cutting Edge" segment. 

Christian may be sidelined for now, but there are ways to keep him relevant without putting him in a match, and Night of Champions is the perfect opportunity for him to take a stand against Triple H and his new corporation. 

Christian's presence at Night of Champions could be the catalyst that sparks a revolution within the WWE roster to fight back against the tyrannous Triple H. 


The Wyatt Family

The Wyatts have unfortunately been pushed to the back burner after Randy Orton and Triple H teamed up, but that can easily play right into The Wyatt Family's hand. This terrifying trio will most likely be waiting in the wings of the Joe Louis Arena on Sunday for an opportunity to make themselves relevant again. 

The most obvious way for the Wyatts to make an impact on Sunday is in the pre-show "tag team turmoil" match. It seems strange that the Wyatts wouldn't be in the mix for a shot at the WWE tag team championships, especially when teams like Tons of Funk and 3MB are involved. 

It seems like a solid opportunity for the Wyatts to come in, dominate and force their way into the WWE tag team title picture, allowing them to push their way into the foreground as opposed to being lost in the shuffle. 

Another way for the Wyatts to have an impact at Night of Champions is revealing what they did with Kane. What better way to get some attention then bring out a brainwashed Big Red Monster to raise some heck?

There's no way the WWE will let the Wyatts, one of the most interesting gimmicks in the entire company, get lost against Triple H's corporation. Night of Champions would be the perfect opportunity for the Wyatts to become major players in the WWE, especially when there is an extreme shortage of feuds and stories with the absence of big names like John Cena, Sheamus, Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry.