Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton: Night of Champions Clash Must Not Be Final Meeting

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IISeptember 11, 2013

Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton have unfinished business on Sunday. Photo: WWE.com
Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton have unfinished business on Sunday. Photo: WWE.com

There are few things worse in the professional wrestling world than a feud that isn't managed correctly. Whether that means the feud has no story, bad matches or simply just doesn't really work for some reason, a bad feud is a sure-fire way to lose the interest of the WWE Universe. 

Now, as Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton butt heads in the WWE Championship picture, one thing is certain; the WWE can't afford to mess this one up.

Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton can't end at WWE's Night of Champions because everything else going on in the WWE revolves around it. The new corporation doesn't just affect Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton.

As we can see, the WWE has brought the angle to encompass almost the whole roster with Triple H putting the locker room on notice, sicking his attack dogs, The Shield, on different WWE Superstars, enforcing his will onto The Big Show, beating up Christian and even "firing" Cody Rhodes. Ending this story at Night of Champions would leave a lot of unfinished business for the entire WWE roster.

We can't forget the more obvious reasons, one of which is the Superstars who have been brought into the feud. If this feud was going to end at Night of Champions why would the WWE keep adding layer after layer of depth every week? With the additions of Big Show, Cody Rhodes and now Christian into the whole new corporation mess, it seems highly unlikely that the WWE would end the storyline cold without tending to the loose ends. 

Heck, the only "face of the company" caliber name not involved with the corporation angle is CM Punk. 

Another reason that the Bryan-Orton angle can't end at Night of Champions is, simply, the Superstars who won't be in attendance in Detroit. With the absence of John Cena and Sheamus, the WWE is missing some of its major players due to injury. Because of the missing main event Superstars the WWE can't afford to end this huge story because they don't have much else to fall back on.

If WWE fans don't like an angle they don't have the luxury of looking to two or three others right now because there's really only one big angle going. The WWE has to make this storyline last, and they have to make it interesting and all-encompassing enough to stand alone until all of their big-name Superstars are back and healthy.

Another obvious reason that Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton can't meet for the last time on Sunday is simple. Daniel Bryan.  

Daniel Bryan hasn't officially lost a match since SummerSlam, and even that "defeat" hardly constituted adding a tally to Bryan's loss column, but he's been losing out on almost every encounter. Every week he's ending Raw on his back in the middle of the ring, and even when he "won" the encounter on the latest Raw, he still took a beating for five minutes before he was able to land his knee on the chin of Orton. 

This feud is far too one-sided to end on Sunday. Orton and Bryan haven't officially met in the ring since SummerSlam and ending this one at just one and a half matches would be an absolute travesty. Bryan may be winning matches, but he's not winning the encounters that really matter and Triple H has far too much power for this to be over on Sunday.

Bryan hasn't gained very many, if any, allies to join him against Triple H, putting him at a huge disadvantage at WWE's Night of Champions. Triple H could very well resort to using his cronies to secure a victory for Randy Orton, which would surely mean that Daniel Bryan will get a few more shots against the Apex Predator down the road, and you can bet he'll be looking to even the odds. 

The match between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton at Night of Champions can't be the last meeting between the Apex Predator and the Bearded Charmer because there is way too much at stake in this feud. The WWE needs these two battling to drive their programming, and ending the series on Sunday, as Triple H would say, "wouldn't be good for business."