Twitter in Love: Fans Cannot Get Enough of Chip Kelly and the Eagles Offense

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Twitter in Love: Fans Cannot Get Enough of Chip Kelly and the Eagles Offense
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If you didn’t know Chip Kelly already, you learned a whole lot about the Philadelphia Eagles' new coach Monday night.

Kelly’s fast-paced, hip-shooting offensive schemes melted the Washington Redskins defense in front of a national audience on Monday Night Football. Michael Vick lanced ropes through the secondary while LeSean McCoy carved through the defensive line like hot gouda

It was a beautiful sight to see for Eagles fans, and their team's overwhelming offensive output in the first half sent social users lunging for their laptops.

Here’s a review of Kelly's first game in the NFL, brought to us by the good users of Twitter (h/t Rick Chandler of Sports Grid). 

First off, it must be said that Kelly was extremely happy with his team’s performance. He grinned like a child blowing up mailboxes with fireworks or like a mischievous Benny Hill.

Kelly also implemented a helicopter/paint sample wheel on the Eagles’ sideline—presumably for play-calling purposes, but we cannot rule out “Captain Planet summoning" as a reason, either.

Honestly, you cannot rule out anything with this Kelly offense.

Even the cynics were somehow pleased.

Our own Matt Miller slipped in a Gregg Williams joke, because someone had to.

Get ready for the "Spread Eagle," America.

While the offense slowed down in the second half, the first two quarters were a blitz of ridiculous formations and schemes. It seemed as if nothing short of riot barriers could keep the Eagles from marching down the field.

At this point, I must add my voice to the choir of football analysts and fans in saying the obvious: The Eagles might not win it all, but they’ve become one of the must-watch teams in the NFL for the 2013-14 season.


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