Week 1 Fantasy Football Recap: How Jared Cook Was the Difference Maker

Anita MarksContributor IISeptember 10, 2013

As most of you know...I play in 12 fantasy football leagues this season and in week one, I went 9 and 3.

Two of my losses could have been wins IF (and it's a BIG if) I would have started Rams TE Jared Cook as my flex play...as opposed to Fins RB Lamar Miller. The third loss, I was annihilated, thank you Peyton Manning

On Tuesday, when the fantasy football dust settles...it's easy to look back and question some of the active player decisions we make, but I'm not going to beat myself up on deciding Miller over Cook. Nope! Not gonna do it! I'm going to take my 9-3 and move on!

Taking a look at some of the players I thought outperformed and underperformed in week 1:

Out Kicked Their Coverage:

* Colin Kaepernick - 400 yards PASSING - wow! Pick your poison Seattle

* Michael Vick - and Chip Kelly are a match made in heaven...just a shame this union didn't happen 3 years ago

* Philip Rivers - WHO KNEW!? 4 TDs later

*  Shane Vereen - 18 FF points on Sunday...but was placed on IR with designation to return - HUGE LOSS

* Reggie Bush & LeSean McCoy - I made sure these 2 studs were on my roster...both in new systems and boy did they deliver!

* Anquan Boldin - 200 yards & a TD...Kaep is loving this vet

* Victor Cruz - what bruised heel? 3 TDs later

* DeSean Jackson - 9 targets / 100 yards & a TD

* Jared Cook - STUD! His ADP was round 10 and has the potential to light it up this year

* Vernon Davis - the chemistry between him and Kaep has improved...27 FF points in week 1

* Jordan Cameron - already a favorite target in Norv's offense...108 yards & a TD


They Failed Us All:

* Cam Newton - granted vs Seattle...but someone get this man some Cammy Cam Juice

* David Wilson - my heart goes out to this young man...but damn! (-2) points in leagues

* Trent Richardson - Arian Foster - Marshawn Lynch - CJ Spiller - Stevan Ridley - MJD & Chris Johnson - all under delivered in week 1..."C'mon man!"

* Dez Bryant - Calvin Johnson & Mike Wallace - so much for #1s

* Seahawks - Bengals & Texans defense- combined put up 15 total points...seriously!?


Looking ahead to next week...

Tuesday is the day you secretly check out the free agent wire while at work...hoping your boss doesn't turn the corner of your cubical! Yeah...I've been there.

Players you may want to target:

* Pats WR Julian Edelman - with Shane Vereen & Gronk out...Edelman will be needed

* Broncos TE Julius Thomas - be cautious...only one ball to go around with an all star cast

* Lions RB Joique Bell - you want to grab...especially if you have Reggie Bush

* Fins WR Brian Hartline - like the single match ups & the chemistry with Tanny

* Cards WR Michael Floyd - explosive player & Carson likes this young man

* Raiders WR Rod Streater - most targeted Oak WR in week 1 & will play the Jags in week 2


Good luck in week 2!

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See you then!