Girardi-Showalter Scrum Shows Yankees, Orioles Cracking Under Playoff Pressure

Josh SchochAnalyst IIISeptember 9, 2013

Joe Girardi and Buck Showalter couldn't settle their differences on the field on Monday and tried to solve their problems the old-fashioned way instead.

When the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles met, the two managers came out and started barking at each other before having to be separated by the umpires.

Both managers came out onto the field to talk to the umps but began jawing with one another. One thing led to another, and they ended up yelling at each other.

Wow between innings, Showalter tried to go after Girardi. Held back by umps, both teams out, broken up after 20 secs #Yankees #Orioles

— Joel Sherman (@Joelsherman1) September 9, 2013

If you're interested, Joe Girardi and Buck Showalter had to be restrained from each other in between innings in Balt.

— Andrew Harts (@AndrewHarts) September 9, 2013

Buck Showalter and Joe Girardi had to be restrained from one another in between innings. That's a new one.

— Andy McCullough (@McCulloughSL) September 9, 2013

Showalter and Girardi are screaming at each other. Have to be restrained by umps

— Dan Connolly (@danconnollysun) September 9, 2013

Showalter came out and gave Girardi a Rafael Palmeiro-like finger wag.

Girardi made a beeline right for Showalter.

And, eventually, the two met up and needed to be held back by members of their teams and umpires.

At first, the fight seemed to come out of nowhere.

Um, Showalter and Girardi just had to be kept apart by the umpires behind home plate. I'm not sure why just yet. #yankees #orioles

— David Lennon (@DPLennon) September 9, 2013

However, it turns out that Girardi thought the Orioles were stealing signs, and Showalter didn't take too kindly to that accusation.

Ryan: On the Yankee broadcast, Suzyn Waldman said Girardi accused 3B coach Bobby Dickerson of stealing signs, which ticked Showalter off.

— WNST (@WNST) September 10, 2013

Tempers were boiling over left and right in Baltimore on Monday, which could be stemming from both teams' struggles. They are both feeling the pressure now, and it might be getting to the managers.

The Yanks are 2.5 games behind the Tampa Bay Rays for the second wild card spot in the AL, and the O's are two games behind. They've both been chasing a postseason berth all year long, but it looks like they might both come up short.

The expectations on both of these teams were very high, and missing out on the playoffs doesn't meet them.

With the highest payroll in baseball, the Yanks are supposed to make deep playoff runs every year. The O's are also coming off a 93-win season and a postseason berth, and after making improvements, the team was supposed to have an even better season this year.

Think again.

Both teams are getting frustrated, and with time running out, it looks like they could both miss the postseason.

It's been a tough year for both managers, and it looks like the pressure on their shoulders finally got to them on Monday.