The Ultimate LeBron James Highlight Reel

Brendan BowersContributor IISeptember 10, 2013

The Ultimate LeBron James Highlight Reel

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    The ultimate LeBron James highlight reel includes the best dunks, passes, shots and blocks of his career. 

    Each video highlight is broken down by category, featuring, for example, his best playoff and regular-season dunk specifically. 

    It also includes the most insane passes he's ever dished out, along with his most spectacular plays defensively. 

    Among the infinite amount of highlights to choose from, these plays from James were selected to represent the best of the best. 

James Rejects Splitter in NBA Finals

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    Best Block

    At the conclusion of the 2012-13 regular season, LeBron James voiced his disappointment about losing the Defensive Player of the Year vote.

    During the NBA Finals, James reiterated why he deserved such consideration in the first place.  

    As Tiago Splitter attacked the basket for an emphatic slam during Game 2, James rose up to meet the San Antonio Spurs' center at the rim. Splitter's monster dunk was then muted by what has gone on to become the best block of James' career.  

Behind-the-Back to Erick Dampier

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    Best Pass In The Halfcourt

    The greatest competition among LeBron James' highlights are not so much related to his high-flying finishes as it is the mystifying dimes he's dropped throughout his career. 

    This pass to teammate Erick Dampier during the 2010-11 season, however, stands out among others in the halfcourt set. 

    While guarded by two New York Knicks' defenders on the perimeter, James probes the defense until he finds a wide-open Dampier under the basket. James then goes behind-his-back with the assist for the easy score. 

LeBron Leaps over John Lucas for Slam

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    Best Alley Oop Dunk

    John Lucas III was simply standing in good defensive position near the basket before he found himself in this LeBron James' highlight. 

    It could've happened to anybody, really. 

    As James ran baseline, teammate Dwyane Wade found him with a perfect lob pass at the rim. James leapt all the way over the Chicago Bulls guard to get it, and finished the high handoff with emphasis. 

James Hits Game-Winner to Lift Cavs over Magic

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    Best Three-Pointer

    The Cleveland Cavaliers were trailing the Orlando Magic 1-0 in the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals before finding themselves down 95-93 with one second remaining remaining. 

    Mo Williams triggered the Cavs inbounds pass that LeBron James eventually received approximately two feet behind the three-point arc at the top of the key.

    Just as James received the pass he let a three-pointer fly that would win the game for Cleveland. 

James Turns Knicks Outlet Pass into Offense for Heat

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    Best Steal

    After collecting a defensive rebound for his New York Knicks, Amar'e Stoudemire turned to make an outlet pass.

    In what appears to be one motion, James blocked the pass from Stoudemire, stole the basketball and then whipped a backwards pass of his own to an open teammate for two. 

    While James has had many steals throughout his career, the spectacular way in which he turned this particular one into instant offense for the Miami Heat separates this theft from all the others. 

21-Year-Old James Posterizes Tim Duncan in Regular Season

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    Best Regular Season Dunk

    LeBron James was in his fourth NBA season when the Cleveland Cavaliers met the San Antonio Spurs in November of 2006. 

    It would be in that game when James recorded what is still the most emphatic regular-season dunk of his career. 

    During the first quarter, the 21-year-old James walked the ball up the court before attacking the middle of the Spurs' defense.

    With one hand he extended the basketball high in the air as a warning, before finishing at the rim over top of the legendary Tim Duncan.

LeBron Hits Jumper from Behind Backboard

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    Best Circus Shot

    With the shot clock winding down against the New Orleans Hornets, LeBron James found himself falling out of bounds on the baseline. 

    From the right corner, he let a spinning shot fly from all the way behind the basket. 

    Just as the shot clock expired, the circus shot would bend over the backboard before falling gently through the net. 

LeBron James Behind His Back to Varejao

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    Best Transition Pass

    Just before getting into the half-court set, LeBron James received a transition pass on this play from Cleveland Cavaliers' teammate Delonte West.

    As the defense pauses to collect their breath, assuming James is about to settle into a post-up position offensively, he fires the basketball behind his back to Anderson Varejao.

    Varejao converts the assist on a play that nobody except James saw developing until it was over. 

James Lobs to Wade for the Win

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    Best Lob Pass

    It's not often that a sidelines out-of-bounds pass from half-court eventually goes for a game-winning assist. 

    On this particular play, howeverwith the game tied at 101 against the Minnesota Timberwolvesthat's exactly what happened. 

    While keying the inbounds pass, LeBron James looks off the defense before floating the ball toward the rim for teammate Dwyane Wade. Wade collected the pass from James before converting the basket for the go-ahead score. 

James Dunks on Garnett to Seal Playoff Win

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    Best Playoff Dunk

    LeBron James, with no regard for human life.

    That was the exclamation from TNT commentator Kevin Harlan after James finished this playofff dunk over Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics

    While trailing the Celtics 2-1 in the series, James sealed the Game 4 victory for his Cleveland Cavaliers with just under two minutes remaining by way of this legendary finish.