Rebecca Liddicoat: Pics of Redskins QB Robert Griffin III's Beautiful Wife

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 9, 2013

Photo Credit: (via Yahoo! Sports)
Photo Credit: (via Yahoo! Sports)

Robert Griffin III is undoubtedly relieved to leave the offseason and take the field as the starter for the Redskins in Monday night's game, despite an eventful summer that saw him marry his college sweetheart. 

Don't try to one-up Griffin in terms of exciting summer stories, because chances are he has you beat. The Redskins quarterback left the field last season under horrible conditions, suffering from a brutal knee injury many thought would prevent him from being the Week 1 starter in 2013. 

Countless hours and exhausting work later, Griffin will start against the Philadelphia Eagles. It's remarkable he was able to make such a comeback considering he got married in the offseason. 

As Yahoo! Sports' Frank Schwab reported back in July—with the aid of some adorable pictures—Griffin married Rebecca Liddicoat in a Denver ceremony. 

From the looks of it, the wedding was as classy and joyous as you can expect. However, the lead-up to it was anything but normal. 

Some might recall the Internet brouhaha that broke out when Griffin thanked fans for all the gifts they purchased for him and his bride. 

There was also the rather ridiculous story surrounding ESPN's Stephen A. Smith calling out Griffin's then-fiancee for the wedding registry controversy. A scandal, we might add, that was a complete non-story. 

When you are one of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL, sensationalized stories like that of your wedding gifts will float to the top. 

So far, Griffin and his lovely bride have managed to meander pleasantly through the media muck. 

Finally, the silly peripherals of the summer can take a backseat to the games that truly matter. In time, another crazy report may come up, as they tend to do. 

But for the time being, Griffin can enjoy all the hard work he put into making it back to the field on time. While many of us were lazing about in the summer heat, RG3 was working his tail off and getting married. 

Sounds exhausting, but we are certainly glad he is back.